Node Weekly
March 31, 2016  #131
npm, Inc.
The recent events caused by the unpublishing of npm modules has caused some key changes in npm policy that you need to be aware of when publishing your own packages.

Short, excellently produced, and does exactly what it says in the title.

Eric Kryski
Wraps over Express and, and uses Service Oriented Architecture and concerns for building complex real-time apps and scalable REST APIs quickly with little code.

Frontend Masters   Sponsor
All JS has to deal with asynchrony. And effective async programming means knowing various different patterns and weaving them together to make not only workable but readable and understandable code.

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Frontend Masters

Keith Horwood
Easily create CLI tools using idiomatic ES6 syntax. It’s also simple to create associated manual (help) pages for each command.

Karl Düüna
A look at what’s involved with access control, some different ways of doing it, and a practical example in Node using easy-rbac.

“What if we could have immutable modules that are distributed and downloaded from everyone?” A proof of concept using the peer-to-peer IPFS system to store modules.

Telerik Developer Network
Brian Rinaldi, TJ VanToll and Cody Lindley debate the significance of the recent unpublishing of an npm module that caused builds to break across the web.

npm, Inc.
“it is possible for a maliciously-written npm package, when installed, to execute a script that includes itself into a new package that it then publishes to the registry, and to other packages owned by that user.”


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