Node Weekly
April 7, 2016  #132
A new service that looks a little like a ‘Heroku for Node’ on the surface, but which takes some interesting approaches to the task of rapidly deploying Node apps.

Azat Mardan
An extensive article inspired by Kyle Simpson’s You Don’t Know JS books, that acts as a refresher on topics like the event loop, emitters, streams, buffers, clustering, and so on.

When a user visits your Fastboot-powered Ember site, the initial HTML is rendered and served from Node. Client-side then takes over.

npm Enterprise   Sponsor
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npm Enterprise

A tool for analyzing the size of dependencies. Similar to disc, but for server-side instead of client-side dependencies.

Node.js Foundation
The main upgrade has been to npm, in which a security flaw in authentication tokens has been fixed. 5.10.1 quickly followed.

Dylan Greene
A tool that tells you what’s out of date and even which dependencies are not actually being used.

Simon Boudrias
Provides list prompts, expansions, checkboxes, confirm prompts, multiple input types, and more. 1.0 is out and is promises-based.

The npm Blog
As of this week, all requests made to the npm registry are made over a secure connection.


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