Node Weekly
April 14, 2016  #133
Node.js Foundation
Lots of observations, including that 45% of Node developers also use container technology, and Express is used by 83% of Node developers.

Alex Hultman
Features a fully async object-oriented interface and scales to millions of connections in a memory-efficient manner.

test double
Provides a way to structure your own npm scripts on the file system. “Because no one should be shell-scripting inside a JSON file.”

Cloud 66   Sponsor
Everything you need to build, deploy and manage your Node.js apps in production in one single tool.

Cloud 66

Node.js Foundation
A few minor changes.

Dmitri Voronianski
Facebook has opened up their Messenger platform so you can write bots that use it. This project shows it in action via an Express app.

Functions written for Node 0.10 will continue to be supported, but creating 0.10 functions will end in October.


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