Node Weekly
April 28, 2016  #135
Node.js Foundation
Six months after Node 5.0 dropped, here’s 6. Node 5.x will be supported for two months, but Node 6 is now the ‘Current’ release (renamed from ‘Stable’ - considered confusing vs the 4.x LTS release).

Jeremy Ruppel
Flickr’s front-end team needed to record and playback HTTP interactions with the Flickr API to test their work properly. And so, Yakbak was born.

Gergely Nemeth
So Node 6.0 is out, but what does that mean for you? Performance and security improvements, plus new ES6 features abound.

Cloudinary   Sponsor
Art direction opens up new frontiers in responsive design and Cloudinary’s on-the-fly face-detection, cropping, resizing, and optimization capabilities make it easy. Adapt visual characteristics at breakpoints with art-directed images using <picture>, <source>, and Cloudinary.


Dave Herman
Comes from Dave Herman, Yehuda Katz and Caridy Patiño.

IBM developerWorks
A look at three of the main use cases for closures in Node, how they can introduce memory leaks, and how to track this with Chrome’s DevTools.

Node Green
kangax’s ES6 compatibility table narrowed down to Node releases so you can see what ES6 features different versions of Node support.

The npm Blog
There are over 211,000 registered npm users, of whom about 73,000 have published packages. But it’s more complicated than that..


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