Node Weekly
September 15, 2016  #155
RisingStack Engineering
RisingStack conducted a survey during 2016 Summer to find out how developers use Node and related technologies. MongoDB and Redis are very popular, as is console.log ;-).

Security is really hard to get right - even with Express. Tierney Coren goes through 9 tips to harden Express apps against different kinds of security vulnerability.

Heroku   Sponsor
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Michael Hablich
Version 5.4 of the V8 JavaScript engine is now in beta until Chrome 54 comes out. It offers some key memory and performance improvements (10-13% over 5.3).

Node Knockout
Node Knockout is a popular 48-hour hackathon focused on Node development taking place Nov 12-13. It’s an online, virtual competition with contestants worldwide. Registration is now open.

Chuy Martinez
Redfour is a small module that could prove helpful if you’re using Node in a distributed system. It implements a binary semaphore using Redis.


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