Node Weekly
December 8, 2016  #166
Andras Toth
A look at how to structure your project, including handling multiple environments, configs, and apps with multiple processes.

Gábor Mező
A Foreign Function Interface library giving a 100% JavaScript-based way for you to use native shared libraries without touching C/C++. Compatible with node-ffi but faster.

James Kyle
“if there is no lockfile, you will have to check the dependencies every time you install or re-install them and make sure that everything still works”

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A ‘universal admin interface’ for managing your app’s data and backoffice operations. It serves a REST API hooked directly into your database (MySQL and Postgres for now).

Avoid server admin headaches by following Kev Zettler’s AWS Lambda tutorial demonstrating how to create serverless solutions.

Simon Y. Blackwell
A native JavaScript auto-synchronizing object database with a SQL like syntax and persistence engines for both the browser and Node.

Node.js Foundation
In practical terms, this brings new JavaScript language features to Node, as well as increased performance.

Currently Mac only, ndm is a Electron-based GUI based on npm-cli.


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