Node Weekly
December 15, 2016  #167
Rahul J
Walkthrough of rolling out a continuous integration system for a Node app in a private Github repository, complete with Slack notifications.

The npm Blog
As npm works on npm 5, they’re trying a new process for soliciting feedback and explain how it works here if you want to get involved.

Frontend Masters   Sponsor
Building and deploying complex front-end applications can get complicated. Webpack simplifies this with tons of features catering to all JavaScript apps.

Frontend Masters

Built using Electron, Hyper is a powerful JavaScript-backed terminal emulator. Version 1 brings Windows support and a better Linux version.

Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, MS SQL Server, Oracle, WebSQL databases.

Lesha Koss et al.
Bills itself as ‘like lodash for dates’, it has over 140 functions for manipulating dates in a variety of ways.

Andras Toth
This post covers general clean coding guidelines for naming and using variables & functions, as well as some JavaScript specific clean coding best practices.


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