#232 — April 5, 2018

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Node Weekly

Node.js 8.10 Runtime Now Available on AWS Lambda — You can now develop serverless AWS Lambda functions on top of the Node 8.10 runtime which makes numerous modern JS syntax (e.g. async/await) and performance features (e.g. Turbofan) available.

Amazon Web Services

Sails.js 1.0: A Rails-esque MVC Framework for Node — Sails has been around for years and now 1.0 is here. It’s easy to get started (or upgrade) but be sure it suits your approach as it’s a pretty opinionated framework and developer opinions are mixed too (but don’t get us wrong, lots of people love it).

The Sails Company

Hazelcast IMDG Node.js Client Code Reference Card — Get up and running quickly with the Hazelcast IMDG Node.js Client with this easy to use reference card.

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Node v9.11.0 (Current) Released — A normal minor tweaks and enhancements released. This time, improved Unicode support by upgrading ICU to 61.1, and fs’ ReadStream/WriteStream plus net’s Socket now emit standardized ‘ready’ events. (Technically, 9.11.1 is out, but it's a quick patch release solely fixing a non-functional MSI installer for x64.)

Node.js Foundation

Re-inventing npmjs.com — A writeup of the work in moving the official npm repository site from a jQuery-based site to a React-based one. And if you haven’t seen it in action, check out any npm repo page for the new layout and features.

The npm Blog

Whistle: An HTTP/HTTPS and WebSocket Debugging Proxy — A cross-platform Web debugging tool for the capture, manipulation, and replay of requests.


Node 8.11.1, 6.14.1, and 4.9.1 Released — Following last week’s security releases, these are extremely minor updates to resolve a PowerPC architecture-related build issue. No updates required if you’re on x86 platforms.

Node.js Foundation

You're Invited to Spec, Slack’s Developer Conference, on May 22 — Join us in San Francisco on May 22 for Spec, Slack’s first conference for builders. Tickets are available today.

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Node.js 8.10 Now Available in Netlify Functions — Since Netlify uses AWS Lambda behind the scenes..

Phil Hawksworth


NodeJS Development in Beautiful Norway — We are adding to our team building low latency back-ends for awesome developer experiences and scalable software. Check us out.

Snowball Digital

Looking For Your Next Job Working With Node? — Try Underdog.io, where hundreds of the best tech companies go to meet top engineers. Companies email you directly as soon as next Monday.


📗 Tutorials

ES Modules: A Cartoon Deep-Dive — ES module support is coming to Node and the way they work differs from CommonJS, as explained here.

Mozilla Hacks

Getting Started with IBM Cloud Functions and MongoDB — IBM Cloud Functions uses Node.js 8 by default.

Valeri Karpov

Creating and Integrating a Node Lambda function with AWS API Gateway

Thomas Hunter II

First Steps to Building a Native Extension for Node

Mariano Moretti

Building Real-Time Web Apps using Wolkenkitwolkenkit is a CQRS and event-sourcing framework for Node.

Golo Roden

🔧 Code and Tools

passw0rd: Check if a Password Has Been Exposed in a Data Breach — Uses Pwned Passwords for the data source.

Dheeraj Joshi

Node-OracleDB 2.2 Released — Oracle’s own package for working with Oracle Database from Node. Batch Statement Execution is the headline feature for this release via a new executeMany() function.

Christopher Jones

ink-gradient: Gradient Color Component for InkInk is essentially ‘React for CLIs’, and this adds neat color gradient support.

Sindre Sorhus

GraphQL & Node.js Express: Powerful E-Commerce on GraphCMS

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Headless Chrome Crawler: A Distributed Crawler Powered by Headless Chrome


Spectrum: Elegant Online Community Software — There’s a blog post announcing how this great project has just been open sourced.