#233 — April 12, 2018

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Node Weekly

Using Async Iteration Natively in Node — How asynchronously iterating over readable streams will work in the upcoming Node 10.x.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Node.js Core Gets a Bug Bounty Program — Via Tierney Cyren’s Need to Node comes news that the Node.js Security WG and Internet Bug Bounty have launched a bug bounty program for Node.js (core).


▶  Scaling Node Beyond the Ordinary — A 25 minute talk on scaling a Node-based web server, what kind of issues you can expect to run into and what approaches you can take to tackle them.

Abhinav Rastogi

New Course: From Fundamentals to Functional JavaScript, v2 😀 — Learn the techniques you need to write professional, modern JavaScript. This course starts with the basics and takes you to mastering key functional methods like map, reduce and filter ...plus promises and ES6+ asynchronous JavaScript.

Frontend Masters sponsor

Write Your Own Promise Library from Scratch — Async/await is based on promises, so understanding this popular async primitive is a must.

Valeri Karpov

Node Can Now Do HTTP/2 Push — An update on the moves towards lifting the ‘experimental’ flag on Node’s HTTP/2 implementation.

Matteo Collina and Jinwoo Lee

V8 6.6 Landed on Node.js Core — Not a lot to see in this commit but it’s a key step nonetheless as V8 6.6 has many performance improvements, particularly in startup and ‘compile’ time.

Node.js Foundation

Attitudes to Security in the JavaScript Community — Some conclusions drawn from the 16,000 participant JavaScript Ecosystem Survey. Basically, most people think security is important but how this translates to development practices is a mixed bag.

Laurie Voss

npm Inc. Acquires Lift Security and Node Security Platform — This means some great people are joining npm to work full-time on security for the npm repository.

The npm Blog

Coming to Electron 2: In-App Purchases — A new inAppPurchase API for Apple’s Mac App Store.

Zeke Sikelianos

💻 Jobs

Back End Skills Wanted, Learn Go (Bristol UK, Relocate) — Cross train, coding in Go + Node. Friendly team serious about tech, building in open source. Talk with us about the position you want.


Node.js Developer at X-Team (Remote) — We help our developers keep learning and growing every day. Unleash your potential. Work from anywhere. Join X-Team.


Looking For Your Next Job Working With Node? — Try Underdog.io, where hundreds of the best tech companies go to meet top engineers. Companies email you directly as soon as next Monday.


📘 Tutorials

Analyzing Your Company’s Social Media Presence with IBM Watson and Node.js

Jamie Munro

Implementing SOLID and the 'Onion' Architecture in Node with TypeScript and InversifyJS

Remo H. Jansen

Simplify Your Functions Adding 'Hooks' to Your Promises

Sébastien Lvl

eBook: Efficient Project Management for Small Engineering Teams

Codeship sponsor

Build an Emergency Notification Slack Bot in 10 Minutes with MessageBird, StdLib, and Node — MessageBird is an API-based voice and SMS platform and StdLib is a serverless API platform.

Standard Library

🔧 Code and Tools

AsyncOptics: Asynchronous Process and Package Monitor

Turberville, Renshaw, Wu and Salazar

llnode: A Node.js C++ Plugin for the LLDB Debugger — Inspect Node processes and data from LLDB.

Node.js Foundation

vuln-regex-detector: Detect Vulnerable Regexes in Your Project — Extracts regular expressions from a project and tests them for certain vulnerabilities.

Jamie Davis

A Much Faster Way to Debug Code Than with Breakpoints or Console.log — Wallaby catches errors in your tests and displays the results of expressions right in your editor as you type.

Wallaby.js sponsor

Cuery: A Composable SQL Query Builder using Template Literals — Inspired by styled-components’ approach.

Gal Schlezinger

TempDB: A Redis-Backed Key-Value Store for Temporary Items

Shane Vitarana