#234 — April 19, 2018

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Node Weekly

What You Can Expect From Node.js 10 — The first release of Node 10 is due next Tuesday (April 24th) and will go LTS in October, but what’s new? HTTP/2 support, organized coded errors, and more.

Tierney Cyren

Hyper 2: A Terminal Built on Web Technologies — Hyper takes a few steps forward with a much faster rendering engine, an online plugin/theme catalog, and improved hyperlink support. GitHub repo.


The New Generation of Project Management Tools Is Here and It’s Visual — monday.com is a visual tool your team will actually enjoy using. It makes it fun and easy for everyone to collaborate, focus on what's important, and get more done. A project management tool that’ll help you and your team collaborate and achieve more together.

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Yarn vs npm: The State of Node Package Managers — An update of a previously popular post looking at the current state of Node package managers and when you might pick a certain one.

Gergely Nemeth

Understanding the Buffer Deprecation in Node.js 10 — Shipping in Node.js 10 is a relatively uncontroversial fix for an extremely controversial issue in Node - use of the Buffer constructor.

Tierney Cyren

npm v5.10.0 Released — There’s a new npm cit command which is essentially npm ci && npm t. There’s also v6.0.0-next.1 which adds support for managing npm webhooks for the most cutting edge of npm users.

The npm Blog

nod: A Node Module Generator/Boilerplate — Run nod, answer some questions, and get a module generated complete with Babel, Jest, and Flow support, documentation, and more.

Diego Haz

▶  Consumer Driven Contract Testing with Node.js and Pact

Andrea Papp and Peter Czibik

Tickets for MongoDB World 2018 Are Now on Sale

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A Discussion on Dropping Node's 32-bit x86 Builds — It seems hardly anyone is using the 32 bit builds of Node, but community feedback is appreciated.

Node.js Foundation

▶  V8 Internals for JS DevelopersNote: Audio has a buzz (isn’t too bad).

Mathias Bynens


Senior Software Engineer (NYC) — Hospitality/tech platform focused on building help into our homes. React, React Native, Node, TypeScript, PostgreSQL.

Hello Alfred

Looking For Your Next Job Working With Node This Spring? — Try Underdog.io, where hundreds of the best tech companies use Underdog.io to meet top engineers. Open in NY, SF Bay Area, and for remote.



An Advanced Node.js Project Structure Tutorial

András Tóth

Adding Sparkle to Social Coding: An Empirical Study of Repository Badges in the npm Ecosystem“Displaying such badges correlates with best practices, but the effects do not always persist.”

Trockman, Zhou, et al. PDF

How’s Your Node.js Know-How? Find Out in 5 Minutes — Don’t guess where your skills stand—know. Use Pluralsight IQ to measure your skills in 5 minutes or less.

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▶  Building Your First Shopify App with Node.js and Express

Andrew McCauley

Create a YouTube-Style Recommendation Engine with Node & Vue.js

Anthony Gore

🔧 Code and Tools

Mailtrain: A Self-Hosted Newsletter Sending App — Handles templating, email list management, etc.


VuePress: A Vue-Powered Static Site Generator

Evan You

Strapi v3@alpha.12: GraphQL, Rich Text Editor and a Redesigned Dashboard — Strapi is a Node-based REST API framework with an extensible admin panel.


jest-puppeteer: Run Your Tests using Jest and Puppeteer

Smooth Code