#236 — May 3, 2018

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Node Weekly

Node 10: The New, The Changed, and the Deprecated — If you missed our epic Node 10 and npm 6 issue last week, check that out, but for a one stop look at Node 10, this is a good roundup.

Dan Arias

ow: Function Argument Validation for Humans — A fluent API for defining constraints for function arguments and getting nice error messages when the validations fail.

Sindre Sorhus and Sam Verschueren

Improve Your Team’s Process by Enforcing Build Standards — When working on a development team, it’s vital to have common build standards among devs to save time and prevent duplicate work. Here are 3 ways CircleCI can automatically enforce shared build standards across your team.

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No More Updates for Node 4.x, Node 6.x Now in Maintenance Mode — Updates on the state of play of different Node versions. Stop using Node 4.x ASAP, consider your upgrade path from Node 6.x before 2019, Node 8.x is a good place to be for production, and Node 10.x will go LTS in October 2018.

Myles Borins

Switching From 'cluster' to PM2 and RabbitMQ — Node.js is generally single-threaded, and the cluster module is often used to take advantage of multiple CPU cores by spawning multiple processes. PM2, the process manager, provides an alternative way of doing this.

Waleed Ashraf

Reported Malicious Module: 'getcookies' — It’s interesting to get a look at how npm deals with reports of malicious modules, such as this one that contained a backdoor. The good news? No other published modules were using it in a dangerous way, but if you’re using getcookies directly in an app, yank it ASAP.

The npm Blog

Node v6.14.2 (LTS) ReleasedN-API has, experimentally, been backported to Node 6 which may extend Node 6’s lifetime slightly as addons get updated to using N-API, but.. it’s in maintenance mode only from here on out.

Node.js Foundation

💻 Jobs

Advanced Backend Software Engineering @ London (UK) CyberSec Co. — We’re building a high-performance core Node backend for our cybersecurity platform; Experience in Node/C++/C#/Java? Join us.


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📘 News & Tutorials

Node.js Africa on Building an African Node Community

Agiri Abraham Jr.

A Progress Report on Adding HTTP/2 to Node.jsWarning: Annoying “can we send you notifications” prompt.

Richard Harris and James Snell

Trends in Web Technologies – A Global Research Report — Learn why 39% of survey respondents view application complexity as their top challenge and more.

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Creating a Real-World CLI App with Node — Go beyond basic ‘hello world’ tutorials and see how a complete, useful CLI app is built.

Jason Maurer

Containerizing Node.js Applications with Docker — Goes from the basics of Docker to some Node and Docker best practices.

Eric O'Rear

A Quick Intro to Kubernetes for App Developers — High level, but if Kubernetes is a mystery to you it may help.

Gergely Nemeth

A Quick Start Guide to MySQL 8.0's Document Store — An introduction to using the Node.js connector to use MySQL’s new MongoDB-esque schemaless storage.

Rui Quelhas

🔧 Code and Tools

How to Deploy a Production-Ready Node.js HA Stack on Azure — Bitnami has made a Node.js High Availability Cluster template available in the Azure Marketplace.

Brad Bock

Email Course: Introduction to Change Streams in MongoDB

mongodb sponsor

to-readable-stream: Convert A String/Buffer/Uint8Array to a Readable Stream

Sindre Sorhus

Puppeteer 1.3: The Headless Chrome API for Node — Control Chrome headlessly over the DevTools protocol. 1.3 brings Chrome 67 support and fixes anchor navigation.


async-stream-generator: Pipe ES6 Async Generators through Node.js Streams

Matt Morgis

is-google: Verify That Bot Requests Are Coming From Google

Rocco Musolino