#237 — May 10, 2018

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Node Weekly

Using 'npm audit' to Identify Insecure Dependenciesnpm 6 and npm 5.10 include a new feature to perform a security review of your project’s dependencies and suggest updates.

The npm Blog

How to Start Contributing to Node.js — Want to have your name and work immortalized in the Node.js project? Or keen to fix some bugs for the benefit of the community? Here’s some guidance on how to get involved and land your first commit.

Tierney Cyren

The New Generation of Project Management Tools Is Here and It’s Visualmonday.com is a visual tool your team will actually enjoy using. It makes it fun and easy for everyone to collaborate, focus on what's important, and get more done. A project management tool that’ll help you and your team collaborate and achieve more together.

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Sending Web Push Notifications from Node — A complete walkthrough of the process of sending push notifications from an Express app to a front-end JavaScript app.

Valeri Karpov

Working with the stdout and stdin of Child Processes — How to run shell commands as child processes & use async features to work with their output/input.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Flamebearer: A Fast 'Flame Graph' Tool for V8 and Node — Used for visualizing and exploring profiling results. Here’s an example graph.


Node v10.1.0 (Current) Released — A minor release with one neat tweak being that console.table now uses colored inspects.

Node.js Foundation

npm 6.0.1 Available — Love the big “Ctrl-C out during package extraction as much as you want” headline here :-)

The npm Blog

💻 Jobs

Advanced Backend Software Engineering @ London (UK) CyberSec Co. — We’re building a high-performance core Node backend for our cybersecurity platform; Experience in Node/C++/C#/Java? Join us.


Are You an Engineer in NY or SF? Know Your Worth, Check Out Woo.io — Create your discreet profile today and receive opportunities from top US companies who can pay you what you’re worth.


📘 Tutorials

Orchestrating Node.js Containers with Kubernetes

Eric O'Rear

Setup Postgres with Sequelize for Express Tutorial — Want to use Postgres with an Express.js app?

Robin Wieruch

Are Your Node.js Skills Expert Level? Get Your Skill IQ and Find Out

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A Crash Course on Securing Serverless APIs with JSON Web Tokens

Adnan Rahić

Express, Mongoose and Passport.js Authentication — How to add user authentication to a simple Node and MongoDB app.

Didin Jamaludin

Passport: The Hidden ManualPassport is a popular authentication middleware for Node apps.

Jason Walton

🎬 Videos, Screencasts and Talks

Using Node.js to Build for the Enterprise — In 20 minutes, a Node core contributor shares tips and tricks on tools developers can use when building enterprise-scale cloud apps.

James M Snell

Running Node.js with CI on Azure — A 20 minute video looking at deploying Node apps on Azure with a CI/CD deployment pipeline.

Brian Clark

🔧 Code and Tools

ClusterWS: A Framework for Building Scalable WebSocket Apps


Hazelcast IMDG Node.js Client Code Reference Card — Get up and running quickly with the Hazelcast IMDG Node.js Client with this easy to use reference card.

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uv: Ultrafast UTF-8 Data Validation

Nicu Micleușanu

graphql-crunch: Reduce GraphQL Response Size by Consolidating Duplicate Values


🤔 Why didn't I think of that...

Sindre Sorhus's New Business Card: 'npx sindresorhus' — A clever idea from one-man npm module factory, Sondre Sorhus. Just run npx sindresorhus and you get access to his Node-powered digital business card. Try it out for yourself. GitHub repo.

Sindre Sorhus