#245 — July 5, 2018

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Node Weekly

Node 10.6 (Current) Released

  • Experimental ‘promisified’ DNS module
  • fs.lchown() has been un-deprecated
  • N-API adds API for asynchronous functions
  • libuv upgraded to v1.21.0
  • Atomics.wake is being renamed to Atomics.notify

Node.js Foundation

Building a Screenshot Capture Tool with Electron, React and Node — This basic tutorial threads together a few technologies in an interesting way.

Waleed Ahmad

Build a Netflix Style Video Delivery Infrastructure — Bitmovin Encoding and Player delivers adaptive video at the same quality and speed as Netflix and Youtube. APIs for all major clients including Node, Golang, C#, PHP, Python and more. HLS and DASH in H.264, HEVC, VP9 and AV1. Try it now for free.

Bitmovin sponsor

Meet the Node.js Security Working Group — Highlights the work being done by the Node.js Security Working Group and how they’re improving the state of security for the Node ecosystem.

Liran Tal

A Node.js Perspective on MongoDB 4.0: Transactions — MongoDB 4.0 was released last week with the headline feature being multi-document ACID transaction support - here’s a look at how that works from a Node.js perspective.

The Code Barbarian

The Node Security Platform Service Is Shutting Down — It will stop working on September 28, 2018, but the good news is npm now offers security advisories out of the box, so upgrade to 6.x when you can.

The npm Blog

💻 Jobs

Family-Friendly Team Seeks Full-Stack Developer — Join our remote team and achieve great things while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Working with JavaScript, React and NodeJS.


Node.js Developer at X-Team (Remote) — We help our developers keep learning and growing every day. Unleash your potential. Work from anywhere. Join X-Team.


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📘 Tutorials & Articles

▶  Asynchrony: Under the Hood — Filmed at the recent JSConf EU, this talk deftly explores the conceptual underpinnings of asynchronous programming approaches, and the drawbacks and advantages of each.

Shelley Vohr

Take Our 5-Min Survey & Win a Chance at a Lego Mindstorm — We want to know your pain points building & programming open source languages. We've got 3 cool prizes too.

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A Crash Course on Serverless APIs with Express and MongoDB

Adnan Rahić

Debugging Node Code in Visual Studio Code

James Quick

What Interview Questions Would You Ask Someone Who Claims to be a Node Expert?


🔧 Code and Tools

npm v6.2.0-next.0 Released — Bug fixes, dependency updates, etc.

The npm Blog

MongoDB 4.0 Is Now Generally Available. Try It Now on MongoDB Atlas

MONGODB sponsor

Nativefier: Wrap Any Web Page Natively on Windows, macOS or Linux — Could be handy for any dashboards or services you have.

Jia Hao

PDFShift: An Easy-to-Use Remote HTML to PDF API — A commercial service but free up to 250 conversions per month.

Cyril Nicodeme

request-ip: A Tiny Module to Retrieve a Request's IP Address

Petar Bojinov

http-live-simulator: A Simple HTTP Server That Serves with a Random Delay for a 'Live' Feel

Prahlad Yeri

Massive.js: A Data Mapper for Node and Postgres

Dian Fay

postcss-xml-transform: A Transform Library for Writing CSS using XML“If I’m being completely honest this sort of begun as a jokey idea”

Lau Skeeter