#244 — June 28, 2018

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Node Weekly

A Practical Intro to Worker Threads in Node 10.5 — Node 10.5 was released last week and added experimental support for ‘worker threads’ which essentially brings multi-threading support to Node. Here’s a look at how to use it. Prefer a video? Tim Ermilov has livestreamed himself exploring the feature.

Fernando Doglio

How to Build Native Extensions for Node.js — A step by step guide to understand the core concepts involved in building your first Node.js extension if you have something in C++ you want to be able to call from Node code.

Node.js Foundation

Save Weeks per Year Fixing Unseen Bugs in Your Node App — Relying on users to report errors? Use Sentry to fix production issues in real time, right in your existing workflow. Cut time to resolution from 5 hours to 5 minutes. Sentry is 100% open source and loved by 500K developers. Sign up for free.

Sentry sponsor

Introducing rest-hapi: Build Fast REST APIs with Node — A RESTful API generator built as a plugin for Hapi and that uses Mongoose and MongoDB behind the scenes.

Justin Headley

MongoDB 4.0 Released, and More in MongoDB Weekly — Did you know we have a weekly MongoDB newsletter? We do, and this is a huge week for MongoDB as 4.0 has just dropped with full multi-document transaction support.


V8 Release v6.8 — 6.8 is now in beta and will be coming to Node 10 in due course. Nothing huge feature-wise but some minor memory and performance improvements.

The V8 Team

💻 Jobs

NodeJS Development in Beautiful Norway — We are adding to our team building low latency back-ends for awesome developer experience and scalable software. Check us out.

Snowball Digital

Apply To Hundreds of Companies That Use Node. All In 60 Seconds — Try Underdog.io, where the best NY and SF tech companies go to meet engineers. Companies email you directly as soon as next Monday.


📘 Tutorials

Installable Web Apps: A Practical Introduction To PWAs with JavaScript and Node

Peter Mbanugo (Twilio)

Solving the 'require()' Path Problem Once and for All — By leaning on module aliases.

Dan Hulton

▶  Creating Enterprise Web Applications with Node — A 45 minute talk that covers some relatively high level best practices, tools and packages for doing enterprise-grade development with Node.

Sebastian Springer

Write Better Code. Free 10-Day Pass to Sharpen Your Node.js Skills »

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How to Create GraphQL APIs with Node and MongoDB

Oded Reuveny

Restart Your Node Apps Automatically Using nodemon — nodemon is a CLI utility that wraps your Node app, watches the file system for changes and automatically restarts the process.


💬 Opinion

'Upgrading to Node v8 Has Significantly Reduced Our Operating Costs' — Ably Realtime shares how upgrading to a more modern version of Node has made their service far more efficient.

Matthew O'Riordan

Ask Reddit: What's The Benefit of Using Koa versus Express?


🔧 Code and Tools

terminal-image: Display Images in the Terminal — Can also display images in high resolution in iTerm.

Sindre Sorhus

Electron 3.0.0 Beta 1 Release — Significant due to the dependency upgrades (Chrome from 61 to 66, Node from 8 to 10, V8 from 6.1 to 6.6).


$100 Credit to Get Started with Any DigitalOcean Product — Deploy Node apps w/ industry leading price-performance. Build your next project on us.

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rss-to-email: Generate HTML Emails From RSS Feeds

Portable CTO

tiny-glob: A Fast Library for Match Files and Folders with Glob Patterns — A smaller, faster alternative to node-glob.


A BitBucket API Client for Node.js and BrowserBitBucket is Atlassian’s Git repo hosting service.

Munif Tanjim

node-express-api-auth: Boilerplate Project Following Secure Standards for API Auth — Includes user registration/login and authentication using bearer tokens.

yang lorenzana