#247 — July 19, 2018

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Node Weekly

Node v10.7.0 (Current) Released

  • A new console.timeLog() method
  • libuv and Unicode dependency upgrades
  • http.request supports timeout and agent options

Node.js Foundation

Operationalizing Node.js for Server Side Rendering — An interesting, and thorough, look behind the scenes of Hyperloop, Airbnb’s new rendering service built entirely around Node.js, and how it’s being scaled.

Ben Hughes (Airbnb Engineering)

Getting Started with Feature Flagging Webinar — Feature flagging doesn’t have to be scary. From determining use cases, to converting a code base, to considering an internal system, we'll share what the buzz is about. Join us for a comprehensive intro, stay for the live Q&A session.

LaunchDarkly sponsor

Two-Factor Authentication Protection for npm Packages — You can now beta-test two-factor authentication protection for individual packages in the npm Registry. “We will be encouraging maintainers of all popular packages to enable this to protect themselves and their users.”

The npm Blog

A High-Level Post Mortem of Last Week's npm Security Incident — We published the initial announcements last week just as we were going to press, but now the dust has settled if you want to get the full story. ESLint’s own postmortem is also worthwhile.

Tierney Cyren

▶  Building Full-Stack Node Webapps with Visual Studio Code — A demo-packed 40 minute talk from Microsoft Build showing off the powers of VS Code for debugging front-end and server-side code as well as deploying said code.

John Papa

npm v6.2.0 Released

The npm Blog

💻 Jobs

Node Data Engineer at eBench (Remote, full-time) — We're a SaaS company that creates beautiful data visualizations. Enjoy crafting quality code? We would love to hear from you.


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📘 Tutorials

Build a Realtime Serverless GraphQL API with WebSockets on AWS

Andrew Griffiths

Build and Understand a Simple Node Site with User Authentication — One for beginners. Using Express, Pug, and the OpenID Connect protocol.

Randall Degges

Deploying Applications with Confidence Using Kubernetes

Gergely Nemeth

A Quick Look at Node's REPL — Run Node without any arguments and you get a classic REPL environment. A very brief look at some unique features of this environment.

Seva Zaikov

Know What’s Going On in Your Industry with DigitalOcean’s Currents — Nearly 50% of devs don't understand what serverless computing is. Find out more in our latest dev trends report.

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Creating Compilers in JavaScript using ANTLR

Alena Khineika

Server-Side Visualization with Nightmare and Node — An interesting alternative to Puppeteer and Headless Chrome that uses Electron under the hood.

Ashley Davis

🔧 Code and Tools

v8n: A JavaScript 'Fluent Validation' Library — Chain together rules to make validations.

Bruno C. Couto

draxt.js: A Utility Module for Manipulating Filesystem Objects — A NodeList-like/jQuery-like package for working with file system concepts (files, directories, symbolic links) from Node.

Ram Hejazi

Monitor Node.js Performance with Datadog. Try It Free

Datadog sponsor

asciichart: Lightweight Console ASCII Line Charts

Igor Kroitor

Turbocolor: Library for Colorizing Text using ANSI Escape Sequences — Formerly known as Clorox.

Jorge Bucaran

Signale: A Highly Configurable Console Logger

Klaus Sinani

start: Functional Task Runner for Node — Associated repo here.

Kir Belevich

🗓 Events

Node Summit July 23-27 2018 (San Francisco, California) The sixth annual Node.js event focused on the Node ecosystem.

Asynch Media

JS Interactive October 9-11 2018 (Vancouver, Canada) Covers a broad spectrum of the JavaScript ecosystem including Node, frameworks, best practices and stories from successful end-users.

The Linux Foundation

NodeConf EU November 4-7 2018 (Kilkenny, Ireland) The key Node.js event in Europe, providing a forum for the Node.js community.