#248 — July 26, 2018

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Node Weekly

Why the New V8 is So Darn Fast — The entire V8 compiler pipeline was overhauled (and shipped) with Node 8 and above. Here’s some analysis of how that led to serious speed improvements.

Thorsten Lorenz

ndb: An Improved Debugging Experience for Node — Run your Node code with ndb and get extra, powerful Node debugging features right in Chrome’s DevTools including editing files and setting breakpoints before modules are loaded.

Google Chrome Labs

Webpack 4 Fundamentals 🛠️ by Webpack Core Maintainer, Sean Larkin — Webpack 4 is the most popular and flexible build tool – Vue CLI, create-react-app and the Angular CLI all use Webpack under the hood – as soon as you need something custom, you'll need to know Webpack.

Frontend Masters sponsor

excel4node: An Excel Spreadsheet (XLSX) Generation Library — Conforms to the ECMA-376 OOXML specification 2nd edition and the examples in the documentation are quite thorough. ExcelJS is another option in this space.

Nathan (Nater) Jorde

Notes from Node Summit 2018 — There’s no videos up from this week’s Node Summit yet but these thorough notes give a good sense of how the event is going and the topics covered. Once videos are up, we’ll be linking to them from Node Weekly :-)

Ron Waldon

Developing Real-Time Web Applications with Server-Sent Events — A detailed look at how to create real-time web apps using SSE which is supported by all major browsers except Edge (which can be polyfilled).

Andrea Chiarelli

uws, A Popular WebSocket Module, Has Been 'Deprecated' — With over 500K weekly downloads, the author has some concerns over the core npm repository.

Alex Hultman

💻 Jobs

Node Data Engineer at eBench (Remote, full-time) — We're a SaaS company that creates beautiful data visualizations. Enjoy crafting quality code? We would love to hear from you.


Join Our Career Marketplace & Get Matched With a Job You Love — Through Hired, software engineers have transparency into salary offers, competing opportunities and job details.


💬Articles & Opinion

Why Apollo: Advantages, Disadvantages and Alternatives — If you’re using GraphQL in your apps, this run through of the pros and cons of using Apollo, plus links to some alternatives, may be worth a look.

Robin Wieruch

Bitmovin 2018 Video Dev Survey — Complete for your chance to win an iPhone X.

Bitmovin sponsor

HTTP Requests Compared: Why Jeff Thinks Axios Is Better Than 'node-fetch'Verrry subjective, but may inspire some thoughts.

Jeff Lewis

📘 Tutorials

A Crash Course on Serverless APIs with Express and MongoDB — A really detailed look at running Express in a serverless context.

Adnan Rahić

Deploying a Stateful Node App on Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine — Uses the Ghost blogging engine as an example.

Kristof Icancza

Writing Google Cloud Functions with Node 8 — How to use the Node 8 environment by deploying a function that uses a couple of features that weren’t available in Node 6.

Simon Prickett

▶  How to Deploy a Simple Node App to Heroku — Ideal for beginners who want to deploy an app fast.

Jonny Kalambay

CPU Profiling in Production Node.js Applications

StackImpact sponsor

Debugging Node.js OpenWhisk Actions

James Thomas

🔧 Code and Tools

JSInspect: Detect Copy-Pasted and Structurally Similar Code — A tool for finding those duplicated code smells in your codebase. Supports ES6, JSX and even Flow.

Daniel St. Jules

Prepack: A Partial Evaluator and Optimizer for JavaScript — Not new but there’s been a stream of releases recently.


Keystone 4.0: A Node.js CMS and App Framework — An open-source framework for developing database-driven websites, apps and APIs in Node. It’s built on on Express and MongoDB. Version 4 release notes here.

Jed Watson

express-http-context: Get and Set Request-Scoped Context Anywhere

Steve Konves

Terminalizer: Record Your Terminal and Generate Animated GIF Images

Mohammad Fares

node-inline-cpp: Inline C++ with Node — It’s just a prototype, but a very interesting use of template strings.

Volodymyr Shymanskyy

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