#258 — October 4, 2018

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Node Weekly

On Node Framework Popularity — Findings from asking over 800 developers their thoughts on various Node HTTP frameworks. It won’t be a surprise that Express.js is the most used, but what is the most liked?

Eran Hammer (Hapi)

The Node.js and JavaScript Foundations Want to Merge — The JavaScript Foundation and the Node.js Foundation are looking into the possibility of merging. Here’s more on what that entails. This might also explain why the forthcoming Node+JS Interactive conference was rapidly renamed from JS Interactive recently :-)


Monitoring and Distributed Tracing for Node Apps — Utilize flame graphs, search and analytics for distributed traces, and automated anomaly detection to optimize Node application performance. Monitor application data alongside infrastructure metrics and logs in real-time. Try Datadog free.

Datadog sponsor

PM2 3.2: The Node-Powered Process Manager — A look at what’s new in the popular process manager, including an exponential backoff restart delay (handy if your app is persistently failing) and a command to display the environment variables an app is running with.

Alexandre Strzelewicz

node-vulkan: Vulkan Bindings for JavaScript — An experimental Vulkan API for Node. Vulkan is a cross-platform 3D graphics and compute API maintained by Khronos (who also manage OpenGL and WebGL).

Felix Maier

Awesome Node: 560 Curated Node Packages, Resources and Links — A definitive list of categorized Node resources that continues to be updated (as well as out of date things being removed).

Sindre Sorhus

💻 Jobs

Node.js Developer at X-Team (Remote) — We help our developers keep learning and growing every day. Unleash your potential. Work from anywhere. Join X-Team.


DevOps / Platform Engineer - Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, BOSH — Accelerate your experience & build PaaS products that help developers to ship software faster.


Get Hired Based on Your Skills Not Your CV — Our AI makes it easier and quicker to match with top Node jobs, with no recruiters and an average salary of £60k.


📘 Tutorials

How to Create a Discord Bot using Node — The bot in question translates every message that’s not written in English back into English. It’s hosted on Glitch, too, which makes it simple to play about with.

Flavio Copes

Build Serverless Node.js APIs with Visual Studio Code — Discover how to migrate an API to Azure Functions & see how the Azure Functions extension can speed up work.

Microsoft sponsor

Getting to Know Node’s child_process Module — How to call things like git, cpp, sh, etc, from a Node script.

Eytan Manor

▶  Practical Mini-Projects You Could Build with Node — A light 20 minute talk covering a variety of neat things you can do with Node that might inspire some side project ideas. There are slides too if you’re not keen on video.

Umar Hansa

An Express, Sequelize, and Postgres Association Tutorial — If you want to work with Postgres from Express, this could be a handy primer.

Didin Jamaludin

Separating Logic From Express Routes for Easier Testing — Ever been confused on how to structure Express apps in a way that makes them testable? Here’s a run-through of one method.

Corey Cleary

New: The Ultimate Guide to Performance Monitoring in Node.js

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🔧 Code and Tools

Vandelay: Automatically Generate Import Statements in VS Code

Visual Studio Marketplace

Husky: Git Hooks Made Easy — Prevent bad commits, pushes, etc. by running tests or more automatically. 1.0, now just out, is a complete rewrite in TypeScript.


Using require-compose, a Composable HTTP Client

Simeon Velichkov

Host Validation: Express.js Middleware to Validate 'Host' and 'Referer' Headers — To protect against DNS rebinding attacks.

Brannon Dorsey

Cogear.JS: A Modern Static Website Generator — A framework agnostic static site generator inspired by Ruby’s Jekyll.

Dmitriy Belyaev

vk-chat-bot: A Chat Bot Framework for VK CommunitiesVK is a social network mostly popular in Russia. There’s also a tutorial on deploying such a bot on Heroku.

Artem Varaksa