#259 — October 11, 2018

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Node Weekly

Node v10.12.0 (Current) Released — Several notable though small-ish changes:

  • fs.mkdir and fs.mkdirSync get a new recursive option to create non-existing parent folders;
  • the addition of bash completion support for the node binary (you have to run node --completion-bash to generate the relevant script);
  • a few improvements to http2;
  • util sort options;
  • the Windows installer now has an option to install the tools needed to compile native modules.

Michaël Zasso (Node.js Foundation)

12 Factor CLI Apps — Can you take the ideas from the 12 factor app methodology, originally constructed as a way to structure webapps, and apply it to command line apps? Heroku’s Jeff Dickey says yes, and shows us how.

Jeff Dickey

Building APIs? — Free yourself of regression testing, load testing, and mocking. Try a platform that can do that for you. An API testing framework as a platform.

API Fortress sponsor

Isaac Z. Schleuter on the Node + JS Foundation Merger — The creator of npm and former ‘BDFL’ of Node.js shares his thoughts on the recently announced Node.js and JS Foundation merger. In short, he’s excited.

The npm Blog

Troubleshooting Node Issues in Production with llnode — A look at the llnode project (a Node plugin for the LLDB debugger) and how it can help debug issues particularly on larger or more complex apps.

Matheus Marchini

MongoDB Inc. Acquires mLab, the Cloud MongoDB Host — Not exactly Node news, but I suspect Node developers are more likely to use mLab’s MongoDB hosting on services like Heroku, so this may affect you as a migration will be forthcoming.

Will Shulman (mLab)

💻 Jobs

Sr. Backend Engineer - Node.js / React / MongoDB (San Francisco) — We’re changing healthcare. Join us and help us scale our core Node backend platform that connects patients and doctors.

Luma Health

Senior Full-Stack JavaScript Engineer — Small, smart teams, challenging work, modern tech, great benefits, and a carefully curated emoji library. 100% Remote.


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📘 Articles & Tutorials

What's The Longest Word You Can Write With Seven-Segment Displays?

▶  What's The Longest Word You Can Write With Seven-Segment Displays? — This is really a bit of fun that you might find interesting from a geeky POV. Node gets used and explained in the process.

Tom Scott

Using Winston, A Versatile Logging Library for Node — From colorizing and timestamping console output to even rotating log files.

Dave Johnson

Publishing Private npm Packages to Nexus — A look at how to use Nexus Repository Manager for distributing private packages.

Kashyap Mukkamala

Common Node 8 Mistakes in Lambda Functions

Yan Cui

'Why I Use Node.js for Basically Everything I Do'

Kieran Maher

Replace a Pool and Spa Controller with a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and Node RedNode-RED (written in Node) keeps you insulated from writing any JavaScript in this case, but it’s an interesting use case nonetheless.

Neil Roeth

🔧 Code and Tools

Awesome MongoDB: A Curated Set of MongoDB Resources — Over 100 curated links to MongoDB tutorials, libraries, articles, etc. Did you know we have a MongoDB weekly newsletter too? :-)

Guillaume Gelin

Get Unparalleled Visibility into Node.js Application Performance — N|Solid is the only platform built specifically to monitor Node.js application performance with minimal impact.

N|Solid Platform sponsor

Flatbush: Fast Static Spatial Index for 2D Points and Rects — We first linked this several months ago but a new version is now out.

Vladimir Agafonkin

Colorette: Library for Colorizing Text using ANSI Escape Sequences — Just in case you’re not happy with the existing options.

Jorge Bucaran

websocket-as-promised: A Promise-Based API for WebSockets

Vitaliy Potapov

Puppeteer 1.9 Released: The Headless Chrome API for Node — Control Chrome headlessly over the DevTools protocol. 1.9 brings Chrome 71 support, frame navigation, and errors now have async stack traces.


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DigitalOcean sponsor

Mongoist: A MongoDB Driver Built with async/await In Mind

Christoph Walcher

hiproxy: A Node.js HTTP Web Proxy with NGINX-Like Configuration