#262 — November 1, 2018

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Node Weekly

Ervy: Charts, Rendered on the Terminal — Need some ASCII-based charts in your life? Ervy can produce bar, pie, bullet, donut, gauge and scatter graphs, all on the terminal.


Carlo: A 'Web Rendering Surface' for Node Apps — Uses Puppeteer to communicate between a Node app and an existing, locally installed Chrome instance. An interesting alternative to Electron for certain use cases.

Google Chrome Labs

How Do Top Developers Deliver Video? - Download the 2018 Video Report — Hundreds of developers around the world reveal their preferred video streaming solutions.

Bitmovin sponsor

Node v10.13.0 (LTS) Released — This isn’t an exciting release on a technical level, but Node 10 has formally made the transition into being a ‘Long Term Support’ (LTS) version with maintenance guaranteed until April 2021.

Node.js Foundation

NGINX Unit Now Supports TLS and Node.js Apps — NGINX Unit is a dynamic application server that supports multiple languages out of the box (e.g. Python, PHP, Go). Node.js has now joined that list.

Nick Shadrin (Nginx)

Slonik: A Postgres Client with Strict Types, Detail Logging and Assertions — Built on top of the pg library, Slonik provides more niceties and convenience methods for working with PostgreSQL from Node.

Gajus Kuizinas

Node.js 10 Available on Google App Engine — Google Cloud introduces both the beta availability of Node 10 on App Engine standard environment, and making Node 10 the default version on the flexible environment.

Steren Giannini (Google)

💻 Jobs

Distributed Systems Engineer at Ably (London/Remote) — Join the engineering team behind our global fault-tolerant messaging platform.

Ably Realtime

We Just Raised £5m to Transform Tech Hiring — Find out how we’re removing the bias from tech hiring to make it fairer and faster for devs to find the job they deserve.


📘 Tutorials & Opinion

Setting Up a RESTful API with Express.js and Postgres — A nice straightforward tutorial aimed at beginners.

Tania Rascia

A Look at V8 Release Version 7.1 — A look at some of the highlights of the 7.1 release (in beta until Chrome 71 Stable arrives).

V8 Project

Adopting a New Tool for Your Team - 5 Tips for Success — Bringing any new tool into an organization can feel like an uphill battle. It’s difficult to overcome inertia, even with the promise of improved workflows and happier teammates.

CircleCI sponsor

Creating and Reading QR Codes with Node

Valeri Karpov

▶  Serverless Full Stack Development on AppDrag: A Video Series — Six videos so far and starts from the absolute basics. Note that it relies upon the AppDrag platform, however.


Effective Docker HealthChecks for Node.js

Patrick Lee Scott

A Personal Review of Automated Testing Tools in the JavaScript World

Walmyr Filho

Running Your Node.js App on a Linux Server with systemd

NodeSource sponsor

🔧 Code and Tools

A New, Curated List of Node.js Security Resources — You’re encouraged to submit your own as this list has only just begun (but already has many useful links).

Liran Tal

A Headless WebGL / OpenGL ES Runtime for Node — Still very much a work in progress, the goal is to provide a headless runtime for shaders on Node which could ultimately be useful for projects like TensorFlow.js.


randexp.js: Create Random Strings That Match a Given Regular Expression


oas-client: An OpenAPI v3 Client Generator — Given an OpenAPI spec, it creates methods and parameter validation automatically.

Diego ZoracKy

fastest-validator: The Fastest JS Validator Library for Node


Grademark: An API for Backtesting Trading Strategies — Might be of interest to the potential market traders among you.

Ashley Davis