#261 — October 25, 2018

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Node Weekly

Node v11.0.0 (Current) Released — Node 11 becomes the new ‘release line’ Node release that has the latest features. Changes in 11.0 include:

  • V8 has been updated to v7.0
  • The http, https, and tls modules now use the WHATWG URL parser by default
  • The use of process.binding() has been deprecated
  • WHATWG TextEncoder and TextDecoder are now globals
  • Support for FreeBSD 10 has been dropped

Node.js Foundation

Node Knockout: The 48 Hour Online Hackathon (This Weekend) — Registration is open for this popular 48-hour virtual hackathon focused on Node development. Taking place this weekend Oct 27-28.

Node Knockout

Install Node.js for Ubuntu 18.04 with the Click of a Button — Install and deploy Node.js on Ubuntu 18.04 to an SSD cloud server in less than a minute. Learn more.

DigitalOcean sponsor

October Brings Node.js 10.x to LTS and Node.js 11 to Current — As Node 11 is released (above), Node 10.x steps up to become the newest ‘long term support' (LTS) release which brings lots of new goodies to production Node apps including V8 6.8’s memory and perf improvements, HTTP/2 support, and npm 6.4.

Node.js Foundation

Why Netflix Rolled Its Own Node.js Functions-as-a-Service Runtime — Yunong Xiao, a software engineer at Netflix, talks about Netflix’s experience in rolling their own in-house FaaS capabilities.

Michelle Gienow (The New Stack)

▶  npm and the Future of JavaScript (Again) — We featured the slides last week, but now the video of npm, Inc.’s COO covering the development of npm and the growth of the npm ecosystem is live.

Laurie Voss (npm, Inc)

💻 Jobs

Distributed Systems Engineer at Ably (London/Remote) — Join the engineering team behind our global fault-tolerant messaging platform.

Ably Realtime

UK Tech Jobs? Check out hackajob — Get matched with companies like Apple, Skyscanner and KPMG based on your skills. They apply to you.


📘 Tutorials

Understanding JSON Web Token Authentication — A hands-on guide to JSON Web Tokens with examples oriented around Express.js.

Rajat S

▶  Building a Secure Ecosystem for Node.js — A discussion between four members of the Node.js security working group on progress in areas like security reporting, triaging, CVE assignment, and initiatives to strengthen security measures in the Node ecosystem.

Node+JS Interactive

Sending Email from Your Frontend App Using MongoDB Stitch and AWS SES — Get a quick introduction to sending emails via AWS SES with MongoDB Stitch.

MongoDB sponsor

Deploying a Node App to Google Cloud with Kubernetes

Michael Herman

Build an Uptime Monitor Quickly with Slack, Standard Library and Node — Standard Library is a serverless functions platform.

Steve Meyer

Building an Authentication System for a Vue.js App

Lamin Sanneh

Streams for the Win: A Performance Comparison of Methods for Reading Large Datasets — How readFile(), createReadStream() and event-stream stack up against each other.

Paige Niedringhaus

🔧 Code and Tools

Crana: A Quick React and Node.js App Generator Tool — Gets things like live reloading, webpack, Babel, and ESLint working quickly out of the box.

Maximilian Torggler

Learn How to Build Enterprise-Grade Apps Fast with Ext JS - View Examples

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VS Code for Node.js Development Quickstart Pack — A starter pack of extensions for Node.js development with VS Code curated by NodeSource.

Visual Studio Marketplace

A Starter Template for TypeScript and Node from Microsoft — Includes a detailed README with how to get things set up, running, and even deployed.


hash-table: A Fast, Reliable Cuckoo Hash Table — The README makes a compelling argument for why you should use this instead of a regular JavaScript object as a hash table.


Critical: Extract and Inline Critical-Path CSS in HTML Pages

Addy Osmani