#279 — March 14, 2019

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Node Weekly

An Update on Experimental Features in Node — Many features we now take for granted in Node were originally considered ‘experimental’. This bumper post looks at a variety of currently experimental technologies including worker threads, performance hooks, and code loading policies.

Liz Parody

Node.js Foundation + JS Foundation === OpenJS Foundation — Five months ago, the Node.js Foundation and the JS Foundation expressed their intent to merge and this has now occurred with the resulting organization called the OpenJS Foundation. This new foundation is home to many popular JavaScript projects from jQuery and ESLint to Node and webpack.

OpenJS Foundation

Don’t Miss the Developer Track at Slack’s Annual Conference — At Frontiers, you’ll explore new and existing tools that make building apps on Slack simpler and faster -- including the freshly updated Node SDK. Check out the recently published agenda for more details like this, and register today.

Slack sponsor

Ink 2.0: Like React, But For Building CLI Apps — Get a component-based UI building experience, but for CLI apps.

Vadim Demedes

Why You Need to Normalize Unicode Strings — Or when "Zoë" !== "Zoë"! If you’re dealing with Unicode strings, you need to take into account that characters could be represented in multiple ways. See how String’s normalize method can help.

Alessandro Segala

Getting Started with Node.js on Google Cloud Platform — A set of tutorials for creating a complete Node.js app running on Google Cloud Platform services (such as deploying to Google Compute Engine and using Cloud Storage).


💻 Jobs

Sr. Fullstack Engineer (Remote) — Sticker Mule is looking for passionate developers to join our remote team. Come help us become the Internet’s best place to shop and work.

Sticker Mule

Distributed Systems Engineer @ Ably (London/Remote) — Enjoy solving hard distributed system problems? Join the team behind our global fault-tolerant messaging platform.

Ably Realtime

📘 Tutorials and Opinions

A Guide to Web Scraping with Node and Puppeteer — Puppeteer provides a handy way to control a Chrome instance from Node.

Grohs Fabian

Practical Tips on Writing Portable/Cross-Platform Node Code

ehmicky et al.

Read Now: The Ultimate Guide to npm — Everything you need to know to use the npm CLI, from basic building blocks to time-saving tips and tricks.

NodeSource sponsor

Using Node for GitHub Actions Workflow Automation — How to write Github Actions using Node instead of shell scripts.

Roman Labunsky

🔧 Code and Tools

Un-x P-rm-ss--ns: A Swiss Army Knife for Unix Permissions — A library for working with Unix filesystem permissions in a nicer way (such as using symbolic notation instead of numbers with fs methods).


NLP.js: Natural Language Utilities for Node.js — Guess the language of a text, stemming/tokenization, sentiment analysis, etc.


better-sqlite3: A Simple, Fast SQLite3 Library for Node.js — The latest version supports SQLite’s online backups feature and adds a verbose mode for logging all queries executed.

Joshua Wise

IMAGECON: The Ultimate Event For Devs on Rich Media. Learn More

Cloudinary sponsor

A CSV Parser Implementing the stream.Transform API — Happy 500th commit to this well established project!


promise-utils: Lodash-Like Utilities for Native ES6 Promises