#280 — March 21, 2019

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Node Weekly

A Complete Guide to Threads in Node.js — An introduction to executing complex operations in Node with the worker_threads module that was first introduced with Node 10.5 and is now enabled by default.

Maciej Cieślar

What’s New in Nest 6?Nest is a popular server-side framework and the latest version is here with several improvements such as with TypeScript support (you can now generate GraphQL files with TypeScript decorators). GitHub repo.

Kamil Mysliwiec

New Courses: 📡 API Design in Node & 👨‍🍳 GraphQL — Design and build APIs in Node.js from the ground up. Use Express to build an API and handle REST verb methods to create, read, update and delete resources from MongoDB. Then, in the next course, you'll learn how GraphQL empowers more flexibility into your APIs.

Frontend Masters sponsor

Maintaining Global State in AWS Lambda Functions with Async Hooks — An intriguing look at how Node’s experimental Async Hooks API can be used to support global state within AWS Lambda functions (in a truly unsupported, experimental fashion, we must note).

Colin Eberhardt

construct-js: A Library for Creating Byte Level Data Structures — If you ever need to get down to the level of manipulating bits and bytes to build things, you might find this example of creating a .zip file directly in Node compelling.

Frank Stokes

💻 Jobs

Senior Server Side Developer - Sydney or Across Australia — We're expanding our team. You'll have an impact on decisions, be part of a learning team & receive flexible working conditions.


Sr. Fullstack Engineer (Remote) — Sticker Mule is looking for passionate developers to join our remote team. Come help us become the Internet’s best place to shop and work.

Sticker Mule

📘 Tutorials and Opinions

An Introduction to the Hapi Framework — Hapi is an interesting alternative to things like Express or Koa. This article covers the mere basics.

Paul Halliday

Build Structured WebSocket Backends in Node with Hexnut — Hexnut is a framework for working with WebSockets in an Express-like fashion.

Francis Stokes

See Things Better. Build Things Better — Aggregating git data into understandable reports, to help make teams more successful. Debug your development with objective data.

GitPrime sponsor

▶  Deploying a Node App to an Ubuntu Server with ShipItShipIt is a universal (though written in JavaScript) deployment tool that provides an interesting alternative to things like Ruby’s Capistrano.

Wojciech Krysiak

Building an Analytics Dashboard with Node, Express, and Cube.js

Artyom Keydunov

CPU and I/O Performance Diagnostics in Node


🔧 Code and Tools

0x: Single-Command Flamegraph Profiling for Node — A tool that can profile and generate an interactive flamegraph (example) for a Node process in a single command.

David Mark Clements

Hexnut: A Framework for WebSockets — A middleware-based, Express/Koa-like framework for building WebSocket powered servers with Node. There’s also a client variant.

Frank Stokes

log-update: Log by Overwriting The Previous Output in the Terminal — Imagine a console.log that just overwrites itself on the same line each time. Perhaps for rendering progress bars, animations, etc.

Sindre Sorhus

Digital Transformation with the Node.js DevOps Stack

NodeSource sponsor

Prompts: Attractive Interactive Prompts for Node CLIs — Flexible, uses promises throughout, and includes support for validating input.

Terkel Gjervig Nielsen

Franc: Detect a Text's Natural Language from JavaScriptDemo here (keep refreshing the page). Supports up to 402 languages.

Titus Wormer