#281 — March 28, 2019

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Node Weekly

Majestic: A Zero Config GUI for Jest — An interesting tool to help make your JavaScript testing life a little easier. What’s neat is you can try it right away by just running npx majestic in the project folder for any project that uses Jest for testing.

Raathi Kugarajan

An ECMAScript Modules (ESM) Implementation Has Landed in Node — ES module support has been experimentally supported in Node since 8.5. It remains experimental but there’s a new, better implementation and it’s planned to land in an eventual Node 12 (and be backported later).

Node.js Foundation

Redis Made Observable — RedisGreen provides better tools, instrumentation and support for high-performance Redis.

RedisGreen sponsor

Introducing Experimental Integrity Policies to Node — An experimental feature for introducing integrity policies recently landed in Node.js core that provides run-time integrity checks for modules.

Liran Tal

Node 6.x Reaches 'End-of-Life' Next Month — Microsoft’s Tierney Cyren reminds us that Node 6’s days are almost over. If possible, you want to upgrade code (including those long lost serverless functions!) to Node 10 as Node 8 itself goes EOL in December.

Node.js Foundation

📘 Tutorials and Opinions

How do You Structure Your Code When Moving Your API from Express to Serverless Functions? — A look at an approach for structuring serverless functions on Azure.

John Papa

The Shortest Way to Conditionally Insert Properties into an Object Literal — A dig into how a particularly short bit of confusing-looking JavaScript works. I’m not sure I like it, but the explanation is good.

Andrea Simone Costa

Calling the MongoDB Atlas API - How to Do It From Node, Python, and Ruby

MongoDB sponsor

The Pitfalls of async/await in Array Loops — Using async/await while looping through arrays seems simple, but there’s some non-intuitive behavior to look out for.

Tory Walker

A Complete Node Project Setup from Docker to Testing

Nur Islam

The Process of Black-Box Testing a Node.js Web API

Grant Carthew

🔧 Code and Tools

Peacock: Visually Distinguish Different VS Code Windows — A way to keep your various VS Code windows organized and easy to follow.

John Papa

Easy Attach: A Helper Tool To Dynamically Launch the Debugger — If the desired entry point to debugging is unclear (e.g. within webpack configurations) this will help you by not just entering the debugger but also launching it from scratch.

Henning Dieterichs

NodeCG: Create Broadcast Graphics using Node and a Browser


Shop Like a Developer — Discover and experiment with hot new cloud services on Manifold. 🔥

Manifold sponsor

kubernetes-client: A Simplified Kubernetes API Client for Node


graphql-rest-proxy: Turn your REST API into GraphQL — Certainly an interesting idea. The proxy/server is Express based under the hood so it’s easy to tinker with.

Kay Gosho

Fast Binary Encoding (FBE): Fast and Universal Serialization — An interesting project that supports C++, C#, Go, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Python, and Ruby all out of the box on the three major platforms.

Ivan Shynkarenka

func-loc: Retrieve a Function's Location From Its Reference

Mohamed Idrissi