#286 — May 2, 2019

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Node Weekly

Easy Automatic npm Publishes — npm and Node powerhouse Isaac Z. Schlueter says he hasn’t “manually typed npm publish in a while” and explains how he’s semi-automated his npm publishing process.

Isaac Z. Schlueter

A Curated Compilation of Node Best Practices — We haven’t linked this for a while, but this curated collection of Node best practices continues to grow and be of value. It covers topics from error handling to memory use and, most recently, how to avoid publishing secrets to the npm registry.

Yoni Goldberg

📡 API Design in Node & 👨‍🍳 GraphQL — Design and build APIs in Node.js from the ground up. Use Express to build an API and handle REST verb methods to create, read, update and delete resources from MongoDB. Then, in the next course, you'll learn how GraphQL empowers more flexibility into your APIs.

Frontend Masters sponsor

Electron 5.0.0 Released — Just 3 months after 4.0, Electron 5, the popular system for building Node and Web technology based desktop apps, is here. It’s mostly a dependency bump release, but with Node 12 and Chromium 73 now under the hood, that’s no bad thing.

Electron.js Team

Node v12.1.0 (Current) Released — You what? Another one? Yes, we just had Node 12 come out last week (and what a release it was!) but the Node team like to keep up the pace, and so 12.1 is here with mostly minor bugfixes plus a minor update to the Unicode underpinnings.

Node.js Foundation

Node v11.15.0 (Current) Released — If for some reason Node 12 isn’t suitable but 11 is, this minor update backports the TLS 1.3 support 12.0 just got.

Node.js Foundation

💻 Jobs

Node.js Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers. Work from anywhere with the world's leading brands.


Have You Tried Vettery? — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


📚 Tutorials

▶  Working with Google Sheets from Node.js — A really well put together video that I found genuinely useful because even figuring out the auth stuff around connecting to Google services is difficult enough in my experience 😂


New Features in Node 12 You Shouldn't Miss — We covered the release of Node 12 last week, but this post reflects on some of the new features.

Máté Huszáarik

This Blog Post Has Embedded Charts and Yours Could Too — Create visualizations of your data in MongoDB with our Embedded Charts. Share your charts by embedding it into any website.

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Using ES6 and npm modules in Google Apps ScriptApps Script is a way to script or create add-ons for Google’s services. It’s surprisingly powerful but the docs are not great and it can be a bit of a minefield to navigate, so any tutorials are much welcomed..

Prasanth Janardanan

▶  Creating a Reddit Bot with Puppeteer and Node.js — Part of an ongoing series of videos about using Node to interact with Reddit in various ways, though do take care as it’s not using the official API.

Fabian Grohs

Tips for Using VS Code More Efficiently


🛠 Code and Tools

Laconia 1.0: A Framework for Building Node.js Serverless Functions — Aims to protect you from “the friction of serverless development by providing consistent architectural patterns and developer experience.” It leans heavily on hexagonal architecture, the idea of isolating logic from outside concerns.

Wisen Tanasa

now dev: It's Serverless, but on localhost — Basically provides an easier way to develop against ZEIT’s Now platform locally.


ws 7.0: A Fast and Throughly Tested WebSocket Client and Server for Node — The long standing project reaches version 7.

Einar Otto Stangvik

Pastel: A Framework for Effortlessly Building Ink AppsInk brings the power of React and components to building command line apps, and Pastel aims to provide more structure on top of that.

Vadim Demedes

Partner with Manifold to Reach More Developers

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Dockly: An Immersive Terminal Interface for Managing Docker Containers and Services

Liran Tal

on-change: Watch an Object or Array for Changes

Sindre Sorhus

🐦 A little ghost story PSA

But it's not even Halloween yet, Tierney.. 😂