#287 — May 9, 2019

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Node Weekly

Node 12.2.0 (Current) Released — Another week, another minor-level release of Node - what times we live in! No big features here, but a variety of minor things:

  • Node’s REPL now supports ab autocompletion of file paths used in fs methods (ok, this is kinda neat)
  • llhttp has been upgraded fixing a bug in Node’s HTTP parser (it didn’t like URLs containing | characters)
  • you can now enabling tracing on TLSSocket and when using tls.createServer() to debug TLS related problems
  • there’s also a CLI option --trace-tls to enable tracing without having to edit your code

Node.js Foundation

A Guide to Node.js Logging — Learn how to improve logging in your library or app from using console.log to dedicated libraries like Roarr and Pino. (The author has been tweaking the article on community feedback, so it's good.)

Dominik Kundel

How to Scale a Node.js Application with MongoDB Using Helm — Helm streamlines the process of creating multiple Kubernetes resources for multi-service deployments. Learn how to deploy a replicated, highly-available shark information demo app on a Kubernetes cluster using Helm charts.

DigitalOcean sponsor

Bye Node.js 6.. and It's Time to Upgrade Your AWS Lambda Functions — We’ve mentioned that Node 6.x was going to reach its ‘end of life’ on April 30 a few times, and this shall be the last time :-) One place you may have old Node 6 scripts lurking around is on serverless platforms like AWS Lambda and here’s how to upgrade them to Node 10 (which buys you time till at least 2021).

Liz Parody

This Module is a Joke, Literally — Get ready to roll your eyes! If you misspell npm commands, npm will try to run the closest matching command, e.g. npm isntall will run npm install. So..

Anton Forsberg

💻 Jobs

Find A Node Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📚 Tutorials

How to Build Multiplayer '.io'-Style Web Games — ‘.io’ games are usually multiplayer Web-based games hosted on ‘.io’ domain names (splix is my favorite!) and Node is a great platform on which to build them. This guy has built and sold two of them so he probably knows what he’s doing.

Victor Zhou

Top Node Metrics to Monitor — When you’re running apps in production, there are a variety of things that are worth monitoring, such as CPU usage, memory usage (and leaks), garbage collection, latency, and more.

Adnan Rahić

Partner with Manifold to Reach More Developers — Connect with the fastest growing developer communities on the planet.

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The JavaScript Developer’s Intro to Crypto — Eric Elliott is back explaining smart contracts and a few blockchain-related concepts.

Eric Elliott

▶  How to Build a CLI App with Node.js — Twilio seems to be on a burst of content production lately, and long may it last because this is a neat 15 minute introduction to something nearly every Node developer needs to do at some point.

Dominik Kundel

▶  Send Images and Other Media via WhatsApp using Node and Twilio


🛠 Code and Tools

Low.js: A Node Runtime for Embedded Devices — Has lower system requirements than standard Node. We link this every now and then but it’s been getting some great updates lately, such as recently adding UDP/dgram support.

neonious GmbH

Convict: A 'Featureful' Configuration Management Library — A Node config library aimed at projects with multiple collaborators who need more robustness, context, and validation of settings. v5 just dropped.


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Canary in the Gold Mine: Test npm Modules on a Specific Node Version — A tool that the Node.js project itself uses to smoke test its releases.

Node.js Foundation

Postgraphile: Quickly Get a GraphQL API for Your Postgres Database — The latest release (4.4.0) has introduced support for subscriptions and live queries.


sitemap.js: Sitemap Generation for Node — XML ‘sitemap’ files help search spiders (particularly Googlebot) crawl your site but generating them is about as exciting as Brexit, so this could come in handy..

Eugene Kalinin

Dotenv 8.0: Load Environment Variables From .env in Node

Scott Motte