#288 — May 16, 2019

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Node Weekly

GitHub Unveils Its Own npm-Supporting Package Registry — npm packages are one of a few types of package that can be hosted and this will certainly shake up the JavaScript packaging ecosystem. Yarn maintainer Maël Nison says they’re “looking forward to leverage its capabilities in our future releases” while NodeSource has a list of the pros and cons of this development.


AWS Lambda Adds Support for Node 10 — Node.js is central to many serverless platforms and so it’s great to see the biggest one support a recent version of Node.

Amazon Web Services

See Runtime Values Right in Your Editor as You Type — Quokka.js is a rapid prototyping playground for JavaScript and TypeScript. Your code runs immediately as you type and execution results display right in your editor. Discounted by 40% for the next few days.

quokkajs sponsor

▶  Work Less and Do More: Google Sheets for Node Developers — An interesting 30 minute talk that digs into the particulars of how you can automate and integrate with Google Sheets from Node.

Anu Srivastava and Franiska Hinkelmann

Could You Be The OpenJS Foundation's Executive Director? — The merger of the JS Foundation and Node.js Foundation has opened up a new leadership role.

OpenJS Foundation

Electron Moving to a New Release Cadence — There’ll be a new major stable every 12 weeks.

Sofia Nguy (Electron project)

💻 Jobs

Find A Node Job on Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📚 Tutorials

What's New in Node.js 12: Private Class Fields — While private class fields are still a stage 2 proposal at TC39, you can already use them in Node 12. Here’s how they work.

The Code Barbarian

Automating TurboTax Data Entry with Puppeteer — There are a lot of things you’d rather be doing than manually entering data into an accounting app.. such as automating that job with Node! The ideas here could be carried across to your own boring data entry task of choice.

Danny Guo

Watch On-Demand: New and Exciting Features Landing in Node.js 12

NodeSource sponsor

Building a Live Streaming App with Node and React — There’s a lot to digest here but this tutorial brings together a lot of ideas in the complicated task of creating a live desktop streaming service.

Waleed Ahmad

WebSockets Tutorial: How to Go Real-Time with Node and React“I’m going to code a basic real-time document editor where users can join together and edit a document.” It’s a naive implementation but shows off the WebSockets part well.

Avanthika Meenakshi

Debugging Memory Leaks in Node Apps on Heroku


🛠 Code and Tools

generator-nm: A Tool to Scaffold Out A Node Module — Why not do it like the world’s most prolific JavaScript developer does it (if you want to contest that claim, hit reply)?

Sindre Sorhus

A Node.js Client for Google Cloud VisionGoogle Cloud Vision API is worth a try if you want to do things like face or landmark recognition, OCR, explicit content tagging, or labelling of images.


Video for Node with Mux — Easily build beautiful video experiences into your Node app.

Mux sponsor

Huejay: Philips Hue Client for NodeHue is a neat, popular ‘smart lighting’ system for the home and now you can script it using your favorite programming language!

Michael Squires

xlstream: Turn an XLSX (Excel Spreadsheet) File Into a Readable Transform Stream


Cookie: Basic HTTP Server Cookie Parsing and Serialization

Doug Wilson

Discord.js: A Library for Interacting with Discord's APIDiscord is an increasingly popular chat service and this will help you write bots or similar tools.

Amish Shah

create-dmg: Create a Good-Looking DMG for Your macOS App in Seconds

Sindre Sorhus