#296 — July 11, 2019

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Node Weekly

A Tour of Node 12's New Features — The ‘current’ Node 12.x branch is almost three months old (12.6.0 is the latest release) but Adam Polak has done a good job of bringing together the new features of note in one article, complete with code examples.

Adam Polak

What is Deno, and How Is It Different From Node?Deno (an anagram of Node!) is an interesting though highly experimental JavaScript runtime being worked up on by the original creator of Node.js and others. It’s not production ready but it’s interesting to look at how Ryan Dahl has reapproached the idea of building something like Node.

Maciej Cieslar

Automatically Deploy a Gatsby Site to Firebase Hosting — Learn to setup a simple Gatsby site, host the code on a GitHub repository, and setup automatic deployment of your web application to Firebase Hosting using CircleCI.

CircleCI sponsor

Next.js 9 ReleasedNext.js is a popular framework for building React apps (including server-side rendered ones). 9.0 introduces a lot of features like zero-config TypeScript support and ‘API routes’, a new way to build back-end APIs.


💻 Jobs

Node.js Lead Developer / Architect — Node anyone looking for an exciting new Developer role?

The Mx Group

Land a New Dev Job on Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📚 Tutorials

How to Create a GitHub-Style Contribution Graph with Node and Google Sheets — A clever approach to creating a GitHub-style ‘contribution’ visualization based upon data pulled from Google Sheets.

Anne-Laure Le Cunff

How to Use ES Modules with Node — There have been a few different ways to handle modules in JavaScript over the years and Node has focused on the CommonJS approach till now. But.. the process to support ES modules has come a long way. Here’s a comparison of the approaches and a look at what it means for you.

Diogo Souza

Using Git for SOC 2 Compliance Quick Wins: A Developer's Guide — A practical list of Git best practices to help you get SOC 2 quick wins, while improving developer productivity.

Datree.io sponsor

How to Create a Rating System for Your Blog using TypeScript and Lambdas — A quick walkthrough of building and deploying a simple serverless function on ZEIT’s Now platform.

Nicola Zanon

🛠 Code and Tools

Twilly: An Abstraction Layer for the Twilio API — …to make automating customer service interactions easier. Designed for use with Node and Express.

Dylan Cutler

TestEach: Repeats Repeats Repeats Your Tests — A test runner independent way to easily repeat tests using different inputs.


safe-buffer 5.2.0: A Safer Node.js Buffer API — This drop in replacement for Buffer has just had its first release in over a year.

Feross Aboukhadijeh

Clubhouse.io: Fast, Intuitive Project Management Tool for Developers

Clubhouse.io sponsor

express-jwt: An Example API for Creating/Verifying JSON Web Tokens

Caleb Lemoine

imagemin-merlin: Easy Automated Image Compression — The sort of thing you might drop into a build process.

sum.cumo GmbH

Slonik: A Postgres Client with Strict Types, Detail Logging and Assertions — Built on top of the pg library, Slonik provides more niceties and convenience methods.

Gajus Kuizinas

koa-websocket: A Koa Route Compatible WebSocket Middleware Handler

Jonathan Cremin

🕰 ICYMI (Some older stuff that's worth checking out..)

Yes, we're going through our back queue of items we didn't quite get the opportunity to include at the time.. :-)