#297 — July 18, 2019

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Node Weekly

Quark: A Software 'Sketchbook' for Node, HTML and CSS Experiments — Built in Electron but currently for Windows and Linux only, Quark is a Jupyter Notebook/Glitch-esque development environment for quickly creating HTML, CSS and JavaScript-based apps, complete with access to Node’s APIs and Electron’s native features.

Nishkal Kashyap

How to Dynamically Generate Social/OpenGraph Images Serverlessly — If you paste certain URLs into social tools like Twitter or Slack, you’ll see a neat social sharing image appear. These can be created manually, but what if you want to dynamically generate them? Here’s how to do that with Node and ZEIT Now.

Leigh Halliday

New Course: 🔩 Digging into Node.js with Kyle Simpson — Learn Node.js piece-by-piece, from building command line scripts, to reading and writing files, to web servers and more...all while using very few libraries and abstractions.

Frontend Masters sponsor

Getting to Know Puppeteer Using Practical Examples — A handy mixture of both guide and cheat sheet for the popular Chrome automation library.

Nitay Neeman

npm Enterprise Turns Security Up to 11 — npm Inc. has unveiled the first major update to their enterprise-level package hosting offering which includes being able to filter out packages that don’t meet security requirements, vulnerability reports, and improved SSO.

The npm Blog

Polly.js: Record, Replay, and Stub HTTP Interactions — Working with both Node and in the browser, Polly taps into HTTP APIs and adds the ability to record and replay requests plus even slow down or speed up time.

Netflix, Inc.

💻 Jobs

Land a New Dev Job on Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📚 Tutorials

Build Node.js APIs Using Serverless — Microsoft’s Simona Cotin talks about how to migrate an API of an existing app to Azure Functions, and how to use Visual Studio Code and the Azure Functions extension to speed up the process.

Simona Cotin

▶  A Partial Taxonomy of Test Unreliability — An amusing talk from a Node core contributor about intermittently brittle tests, their causes, and how they relate to one another.

Rich Trott

How to Quickly Implement Customer Managed Keys — Give your enterprise customers control of their data.

IronCore Labs sponsor

Isaac Z. Schlueter Runs Into An Old Bug — An interesting example of what happens when a bug becomes “normal” behavior leading to workarounds that break when you fix the original bug(!)

Isaac Z. Schlueter

▶  How to use MongoDB and PostgreSQL with GraphQL — A demonstration of bringing various databases together (the choice of MongoDB and Postgres are reasonably arbitrary here) using the GraphQL query language, Apollo Server, and Node.js.

Ben Awad

Node.js 12: The Future of Server-Side JavaScript — Node.js 12 introduced several exciting improvements like ES6 module support, better application security, and quicker startup times.

Paige Niedringhaus

How to Build an SMS Event Notifier in 5 Minutes with Airtable, Standard Library and Node.js

Keith Horwood

🛠 Code and Tools

npm 6.10.1 Released — Not a major release but fixes a handful of issues.

The npm Blog

SVGO: A Node-Based SVG Optimizer — If you’ve worked with SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) at all, you’ve probably seen they can be filled with all sorts of junk code.. SVGO to the rescue. 1.3.0 just came out.

Kir Belevich

Route Your Data to Any Analytics Service from Your Node Code

Segment sponsor

Elastic Builder: A Node Implementation of the Elasticsearch Query DSL

Suhas Karanth

p-map 3.0: Map Over Promises Concurrently

Sindre Sorhus

swagger-routes-express: Connect Express Route Controllers to RESTful Paths using a Swagger Definition File — For Swagger or OpenAPI users. Here’s a tutorial on how to use it.

Dave Sag

aws-lambda-fastify: Use Fastify to Build AWS Lambda FunctionsFastify is a Hapi and Express-inspired plugin-oriented Web framework and this will help you use it in a serverless manner.

Adriano Raiano

Lightship: Abstracts Liveness Checks and Graceful Shutdown of Node Services Running in Kubernetes

Gajus Kuizinas