#299 — August 1, 2019

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Node Weekly

Electron 6.0 Released — Just 3 months after version 5 was released, the popular Node-based system for building cross-platform desktop apps hits version 6. It uses Chromium 76, Node 12.4, and V8 7.6 under the hood, so is about as up to date as you could hope for.

Electron.js Team

Monorepos and npm — A ‘monorepo’ is when you store the code for numerous projects or modules in a single repository, rather than keeping them separate. Lerna is a popular tool for working with monorepos with npm, but npm 7 will introduce first-class monorepo support.

Daniel Sauble

How to Quickly Implement Customer Managed Keys — Privacy/Security on Your Roadmap? Sensitive data in the cloud? Enterprise customers asking for BYOK? Ship privacy faster with data control for files, records, search indices, message queues, and big data partitions. Detailed technical whitepaper.

IronCore Labs sponsor

Controlling Chrome from Node.js with Puppeteer — Nothing groundbreaking here, but Valeri is always great at explaining things, so if you want to remote control Chrome (for scraping the Web, making screenshots, running tests, or more), this is a fine place to start.

Valeri Karpov

Node v10.16.1 (LTS) Released — No big Node releases this week, but this minor bump to the 10.x branch focuses on an upgrade to OpenSSL 1.1.1c (bug-fix focused, not security). So, yes, this is very boring, but if you’re on 10.x, you need to know :-)

Node.js Foundation

💻 Jobs

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📚 Tutorials

Amazon Transcribe Streaming Now Supports WebSockets — This isn’t Node specific but the demo is all written in Node, so if you want to do some live, streaming transcription of audio to text from Node, this is for you.

Brandon West (AWS)

Dependency Injection in Node with Awilix — I hadn’t heard of Awilix before, but it provides an interesting ‘container’-based way to do DI.

Kostas Bariotis

Webinar: Node.js Best Practices - Securing Your Applications

NodeSource sponsor

Running Multiple Versions of Node with Node Version Manager

Josh Sherman

Top 4 Tactics To Keep Node.js Rockin’ in Docker — Four tips if you’re using Node in a Dockerized environment.

Bret Fisher

How to Build a Real Time Chat Application in Node using Express, Mongoose and Socket.io — Building a real-time chat app is a perennial favorite and almost a “Hello world” of the modern era at this stage.

Arun Mathew Kurian

Cypress.io: The Selenium Killer? — Automated Selenium-based tests can be hard to write, let alone maintain. Cypress.io offers an promising alternative, though it has some limitations.

Paul Cowan (LogRocket)

Staying Ahead of Security Vulnerabilities with Security Patches — Snyk specializes in open source security and here they show off how they can apply ‘surgical’ security patches to npm packages before even the package’s own maintainer can release a fix.

Liran Tal (Snyk)

🛠 Code and Tools

Kafka.js 1.10.0: A Modern Apache Kafka Client — Production ready and supports Kafka 0.11 features. (Kafka is a popular open source system for working with stream-processing at scale.)

Túlio Ornelas

dotenv-flow: Loads Environment Variables From Multiple .env Files — Extends dotenv into loading different .env files, such as in different scenarios like production, testing, etc.

Dan Kerimdzhanov

Monitoring and Distributed Tracing for Node.js Apps. Try Datadog Free

Datadog sponsor

Hackathon Starter: A Boilerplate for Node Web Apps — A boilerplate for when you want to start building a Node app quickly (such as at a hackathon). It includes almost everything but the kitchen sink.. A mature project that continues to get frequent updates.

Sahat Yalkabov

▶  A Demo of Node's Forthcoming New Diagnostic Report Tool — At this week’s Node.js Diagnostics WG meeting, Chris Hiller gave a demo of some new tooling around diagnostic reports (such as when used when users report exceptions or other faults in Node). The audience for this is relatively small but it’s interesting to see behind the scenes.

Chris Hiller

pg-promise: Promise-Based Interface for PostgreSQL — Builds on top of node-postgres.

Vitaly Tomilov

Caporal.js 1.3: A Framework for Building Node Command Line Apps — Including help generation, colored output, verbosity control, logging, typo suggestion, and more.

Matthias Etienne

Top 25 JavaScript Plugins for Webstorm and IntelliJ

Ilana Brudo