#300 — August 8, 2019

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It was slim pickings for the featured items this week, but plenty of tutorials and stories to consider.. so be sure to scroll down to those 😄 .. and if you have anything to include in future issues, hit Reply and tell us!

Node Weekly

Using Async Generator Functions in JavaScript — Async generator functions are special because you can use both await and yield in them, but what are the practical uses?

Valeri Karpov

Pkg Stats: npm Package Discovery and Stats Viewer — A way to quickly browse, discover and see associated download stats on a range of popular npm packages.

Ryan Hefner

The DevOps Perspective on Database Coexistence — Whether you're in DevOps, development, or database administration, download the full SQL Migration whitepaper for free, from Studio 3T.

Studio 3T sponsor

npm 6.10.3 Released“adds better support for GitLab shorthands via an update to hosted-git-info, and better error handling and reporting when users encounter EACCES on their cache folder.”

The npm Blog

📅 Learn About Machine Learning in Node with TensorFlow.js — If you’re around on August 21, Google’s TensorFlow.js team are doing a live online session where they’ll demonstrate doing machine learning in Node.js using TensorFlow. Fingers crossed I’ll be tuning in..

Google webinar

Node v12.8.0 (Current) Released — No big changes or new features of note, but it's a current release nonetheless.

Node.js Foundation

How To 'Backdoor' Any Electron Application — A proof of concept and exploration of how Electron-based apps could suffer a code injection attack without raising any warnings. But before you panic too much, it requires access to the user's file system, so it's not something you should expect to see sweeping the Web any time soon. This Hacker News thread has more details.

Pavel Tsakalidis

💻 Jobs

Have You Thought About Being a Web Developer in Robotics? — A unique opportunity to work on a high-powered engineering web application for a computer vision system combining 3D graphics and an intuitive user experience.

Veo Robotics

Node Developers Are in Demand on Vettery — Ready for a bold career move? Make a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers today.


📚 Articles and Tutorials

Handling and Dispatching Events with Node — A look at how to create, dispatch, and manage events using EventEmitter and the events module.

Adewale Abati

Traffic Modeling in Node: Is Beating Traffic Congestion a Zero-Sum Game? — You won’t learn much about Node itself here, but this Node-based simulation could teach you something about traffic congestion, at least.

Paul Sobocinski

'How I'm Writing Serverless Node.js Services These Days' — Some thoughts from a developer mostly using serverless on commercial projects.

Ewan Valentine

Top 10 GitHub Best Practices - Lessons from Thousands of Repositories

Datree.io sponsor

How to Create and Run Scheduled Jobs in Node cron-Style — How to use node-cron to get cron-like scheduling functionality within a Node app (such as if you want a task to run every minute or at certain hours, etc.)

Erick Wachira

Lesser Known npm CLI Commands — Covers pack, outdated, dedupe and some other lesser used subcommands.

Christopher Kade beginner

Showing Your Current Node Version in iTerm's Status Bar — The latest version (3.3.0) of the macOS terminal emulator iTerm2 lets you customize the status bar and you can put the current version of the languages you use there.

Nick Jones

Setting the Node Version for an Azure DevOps Build — A quick explanation of how to set a specific Node version for an Azure DevOps build using the Node.js Tool Installer task.

Marius Schulz

How To Get Started With IPFS with Node — Learn what the InterPlanetary File System is and how to store data with it.

Indrek Lasn

Creating a 'Long-Short' Equity Trading Script with Node — To be fair, I don't understand all of this, and it's mostly about using Alpaca's API, but I know automated trading is an area of much interest to many developers, so..

Andrew Alpaca

🛠 Code and Tools

MC.js: An Open Source 'Minecraft'-Style Engine — It's built with React, GraphQL, Three.js (so it uses WebGL behind the scenes), and Node.

Ian Huang

Route Your Data to Any Analytics Service from Your Node Code

Segment sponsor

Monitr: A Node Process Monitoring Tool — Starts a separate thread within the Node runtime that monitors and collects statistics about the running process.


Node v10.16.2 (LTS) Released — Solely patches a regression in the OpenSSL upgrade that happened with 10.16.1.

Node.js Foundation

Frontless: A Node SSR Stack for Building Universal JS Apps

Anton Nesterov