#347 — July 16, 2020

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☀️ Another quiet summery week in the Node community – we haven't got any big news (other than the revitalization of Hapi!) but plenty of code items :-) If you do have any Node news or content for us though, just hit reply and let us know 😁

Node Weekly

Bree: A Powerful Node Job Scheduler with Workers and Cron Support — Has built-in support for workers, cron expression syntax, human-friendly times, dates, and more. Want a practical example? Perhaps how to use Bree for queueing email sends? GitHub repo.


Creating Tiny Desktop Apps with Tauri and Vue.jsTauri is a toolkit (built in Rust) for building cross platform, JavaScript and CSS powered desktop apps, and the eventual app size can be pretty small (under a megabyte).

Kelvin Omereshone

Scout APM Now Available for Node.js — Scout’s intuitive UI helps you quickly track down issues so you can get back to building your product. Rest easy knowing that Scout is tracking your apps performance and hunting down small issues before they become large issues. Get started for free.

Scout APM sponsor

An Update on the Future of the Hapi Web Services Framework — Two weeks ago we referred to a (now deleted) tweet about how Hapi’s creators were looking at winding down the project, but it seems things have changed somewhat and they’re adopting new governance and looking to keep things going.


How To Set Up a Node App for Production on Ubuntu — Runs through setting up a production-ready Node.js environment on a single Ubuntu 20.04 server. This is for you if you want to do everything yourself on a VPS or your own server rather than a serverless, container-based, or other form of PaaS platform.

Lisa Tagliaferri and Kathleen Juell

Doing Basic Sentiment Analysis of Restaurant Reviews from Node — If you need to analyze English text, this simple article is worth a look as it’ll turn you on to some useful libraries like Natural, apos-to-lex-form, and stopword.

Juan Curti

💻 Jobs

Node.js Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers and work on projects for Riot Games, FOX, Sony, Coinbase, and more.


Find a Job Through Vettery — Use Vettery to connect with growing tech teams at startups and Fortune 500 companies.


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🛠 Tools, Resources and Libraries

Hukum: Display GitHub Action Progress in the Terminal — If you’re using GitHub’s Actions CI/CD feature and want to keep a real-time eye on it, this will help. Built in Node.


Super Expressive: Build Regexes in (Almost) Natural Language — A library for building regular expressions (something many developers have a problem with in their native format) using an ‘almost natural language’ approach. It’s not for me but the code examples look interesting.

Francis Stokes

LogDNA <3 Node.js — Manage logs on your terms: Ingest, retain, and parse to get results you need. Check out our growing resource library.

LogDNA sponsor

wait-on: A CLI and Node Library to Wait for Ports, Files, Sockets, etc. — For when you need to wait until files, ports, sockets, and similar resources become available (or the opposite).

Jeff Barczewski

node-libcurl 2.2: libcurl Bindings for Nodelibcurl is a very powerful and established way to fetch data from URLs across numerous protocols.

Jonathan Cardoso Machado

Haredo: A Node Client Library for RabbitMQRabbitMQ is a popular open source message broker and queueing system.


xmlbuilder2: An XML Builder Library — Convert JS objects into XML, parse and serialize XML documents, or create XML documents using chained function calls.

Ozgur Ozcitak

10 Great Dev Tools Used by CircleCI's Engineers

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Jaxcore Bumblebee: A JavaScript Voice Application Framework — For building ‘conversational voice assistants’ (so think Alexa, Cortana, Siri, etc.)

Jaxcore Software Inc

node-pg-migrate: Node Powered Database Migration Management for Postgres

Salsita Software