#348 — July 23, 2020

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Node Weekly

V8 Version 8.5 Now in Beta — Coming soon to a Node.js near you (not to mention Chrome 85), the latest branch of the V8 JavaScript engine boasts Promise.any, String.prototype.replaceAll (no regex needed!) and support for logical assignment operators (like ||=).

Zeynep Cankara (Google)

Node v14.6.0 (Current) Released — libuv, npm, and V8 get updates on the latest version of Node, plus three new collaborators come on board. Node 12.18.3 and 10.22.0 are out too, mostly to upgrade npm and OpenSSL.

Myles Borins

Measure the Health and Performance of Your Node Applications with Datadog APM — Get detailed performance data from your Node.js apps and the underlying infrastructure and related logs with Datadog in one, unified platform. Try Datadog APM free.

Datadog APM sponsor

▶  New Course: Build JavaScript Applications with Node.js — Microsoft has released a video course covering Node from the very start through to setting up a project, debugging, using VS Code, and building an Express-based API. Even if it’s not for you, maybe you know someone it would help.


Megahash: A Super-Fast C++ Hash Table with Node Wrapper — Aimed to be a replacement for ES6’s Map in high scale situation, apparently Megahash can cope with storing over 1 billion keys and has read/write speeds above 500,000 keys per second. Are there caveats? Well yes.

Joseph Huckaby

npm 6.14.7 Released — A few very minor bug fixes and dependency updates.

The npm Blog

💻 Jobs

Senior Full-Stack Engineer to Join Growing Team (React, Node.js) - London or Remote — Build our mental health platform for psychedelic therapy. Core tech is evidence-based generative music for therapists, care seekers and physical spaces.


One Application, Hundreds of Hiring Managers — Use Vettery to connect with hiring managers at startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.


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📗 Tutorials

Serverless Rendering with Cloudflare Workers — How to do server-side rendering ‘at the edge’ using Workers Sites, Wrangler, HTMLRewriter, and tools from the broader Workers platform.

The Cloudflare Blog

How I Built a Serverless Twitter Bot in Node in a Day — Insights, steps, and useful links if you want to build your own basic Twitter bot on top of AWS Lambda functions.

Spencer Pollock

The Node.js Security Handbook

Sqreen sponsor

How to Reuse Node Packages with AWS Lambda Functions — …using Amplify and Lambda Layers.

Erick Wendel

Asynchronous Task Processing with BullBull is a Node library that implements a queue system based on Redis.

Godwin Ekuma

Build a Secure Node API with Koa — The focus here is on creating Koa middleware that uses the Okta service to secure things.

Nikolas Fisher

🛠 Tools, Resources and Libraries

minimum-node-version: Find Lowest Version of Node That Satisfies engines.node — Claims to be useful for determining which version to configure babel-preset-env for.

Hugo Josefson

UUID Readable: Generate Easy to Remember, 'Shakespearean' UUIDs — Compatible with usual UUID specifications and crypto secure, this unusual UUID library can output grammatically correct sentences that have a ‘Shakespeare feeling.’ For example: Raina Harcourt Linzy the Tailing of Chimayo risked Joanna Ferdie Durkee and 27 warm ducks ... Maybe your memories are better than mine! 😂

Debdut Karmakar

Build Full-Stack Serverless Web Applications — Webiny makes building serverless solutions easy. 100% JavaScript, open-source and hosted in your own AWS cloud.

Webiny sponsor

Lad: A Webapp Framework on Top of Koa — Built by “a former Express TC and Koa team member”, I love Lad’s claim of being “the best Node.js framework.” Yes, the best! We’ll let you be the judge. Official homepage.


A Randomized GraphQL Query Generator by IBM — Given a GraphQL schema, IBM’s new GraphQL Query Generator creates random queries. But why? Testing, debugging, and measuring. GitHub repo.

Tomek Poniatowicz

Gitify: GitHub Notifications on Your Desktop — GitHub can produce a lot of notifications and depending on how you choose to receive them, they can be disruptive. This utility tames your GitHub notifications by bringing them to your menu bar along with a UI to navigate through them. Built using Node as an Electron app.

Emmanouil Konstantinidis