#362 — October 29, 2020

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Node Weekly

Introducing the Public npm Roadmapnpm is now essentially a GitHub project and one they’re keen to nurture. They’ve revealed a public roadmap repo with what things are coming up soon as well as a new public feedback process.

Myles Borins (GitHub)

Node 14 Becomes LTS; v14.15.0 Released — Last week we did a big feature on the release of Node 15 which became the new ‘release’ line Node release. In turn Node 14 graduates to being a ‘Long Term Support’ (LTS) release you can depend upon until at least April 2023.


Redis 6.0 on RedisGreen — SSL encryption, key size tracking, memory mapping, online upgrades, and more.

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Next.js 10 Released — Next.js is a React-powered app framework that seems to be going from strength to strength and this is a strong release adding improved image optimization, React 17 support, Analytics (incorporating Web Vitals) as well as Next.js Commerce.


How Node 15 Made Some of Sindre's Packages Obsolete

If you're as prolific a Node module maintainer as Sindre Sorhus, any major feature updates to Node is sure to raise a few headaches, and Node 15 certainly gave Sindre a few things to think about:

“Node.js 15 makes 7 of my packages obsolete. This is a good thing. 👌”

How? Read the Twitter thread for the full thing, but in short, you can now use await with setTimeout, Promise.any() and String.prototype.replaceAll() are standard features, and more.

Node v10.23.0 (LTS) Released — Upgrades npm to 6.14.8 and N-API to v7.

npm v7.0.6: More Bugfixes and Dependency Updates
The npm Blog

📗 Tutorials

Running Node on iOS and iPadOS via iSHiSH provides a Linux shell on iOS devices and with the most minor of fiddling you can get Node running on it too.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

How to Use Sharp for Image ProcessingSharp is a high-performance module for resizing and formatting images (it uses libvips behind the scenes) and here’s how to get started with it.

Indrek Lasn

Getting Started with OpenTelemetry in Node.js

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A Quick Introduction to Elasticsearch for Node Developers — Got documents or data to offer search functionality over? Elasticsearch is a fantastic option.

Juan Cruz Martinez

We've all been there..

“Yesterday I debugged a perfectly working app for the whole day... just to find out today that my node version was wrong. 🙃”

Catalin Pit on Twitter

🛠 Code and Tools

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SpeedScope: 🔬 An Interactive Web-Based Viewer for Performance Profiles — You can use it on the Web, or run it locally from the source. You can ingest numerous formats including profiling output from Node, browsers, Ruby, Python, Go, Rust, and elsewhere.

Jamie Wong

JSDB 1.0: An In-Memory, Streaming Write-on-Update Node.js Database — An easy-to-use, in-memory database that persists to a JavaScript transaction log and aimed at small scale (though Small Web is more nuanced than that as a concept) cases.

Aral Balkan

Wallaby.js: The Fastest JavaScript and TypeScript Test Runner — Results display in your editor and update as you type, includes time-travel debugger and test stories; forget about breakpoints and `console.log`.

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node-sass: Node Bindings to libsass — Technically deprecated (libsass is only getting maintenance releases going foward) but if you need it.. v5.0.0 adds Node 15 support.


WebdriverIO 6.7: Browser and Mobile Automation Test Framework for Node — A framework to run tests based on the Webdriver protocol and Appium automation technology supporting running common BDD/TDD test framework tests locally or in the cloud using Sauce Labs, BrowserStack, TestingBot or LambdaTest.


mediasource: MediaSource API as a Node Writable Stream. — Stream video/audio into a <video> or <audio> tag by attaching Writable streams.

Feross Aboukhadijeh

lockfile-lint: Lint an npm or Yarn Lockfile to Detect Security Issues
Liran Tal

ProtoCat: Modern, Minimalist Type-Safe gRPC Framework
Jaroslav Šmolík

SuperTest 6.0: Super-Agent Driven Library for Testing Node HTTP Servers — Make assertions about HTTP servers using a fluent API.

csprng: Isomorphic Wrapper for `crypto.randomBytes` in Node and Browser
Luke Edwards

Falcor: A Library for Efficient Data Fetching

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