#363 — November 5, 2020

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Node Weekly

Node v15.1.0 (Current) Released — If you need to get away from the stresses and strains of the week for a bit, why not play with the newest Node release? It has a few neat new bits to check out:

Diagnostics Channels: A new experimental module (diagnostics_channel) that lets you create named channels for passing diagnostics related messages around – check out the example in this post.

New spawn event for child processes: Instances of ChildProcess emit a new ‘spawn’ event once the child process has spawned successfully.

You can set local addresses for DNS resolution: This could be helpful when a machine is connected to multiple networks.

And more! Including being able to control V8 coverage collection better, monitor Worker instances’ event loop usage, and take more heap snapshots just before OOM events.

Michaël Zasso

Achieving Observability with AWS Lambda Extensions — Amazon Web Services recently announced AWS Lambda Extensions, a new way to run code in parallel without being bound by the Lambda lifecycle. Learn how New Relic integrates with the Extensions API to make monitoring your AWS functions even easier.

New Relic sponsor

How Node.js is Addressing the Challenge of Ryan Dahl’s Deno — Node.js still reigns, but the upstart Deno, created by Node’s original author Ryan Dahl, has some tricks up its sleeve. This article includes some insights from Bethany Griggs, a Node.js TSC member, on how Node is stepping up as well as taking ‘inspiration’ from Deno.

Richard MacManus

AdminBro 3.3: A Popular Node + React Admin Panel — You might not like the name (they promise they are ‘working on it’, so watch this space..) but it’s a neat and useful project nonetheless and this release only gets more powerful.

Wojciech Krysiak

📗 Tutorials

Clickjacking Attacks and How to Prevent Them — A look at both client-side and server-side approaches to mitigating clickjacking attacks including some approaches for Express.js-based apps.

Andrea Chiarelli

How To Build a GraphQL Server Using Next.js API Routes — Will teach you the basics of Next.js API Routes via a step-by-step tutorial on how to build your very first GraphQL server with Next.js and the GitHub API.

Ibrahima Ndaw

Video for Your Node App That Streams Beautifully, Everywhere — Automatically deliver the best user experience for every combination of device, browser, location, and bandwidth with Mux's video API. Get started with a $20 credit.

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▶  How to Build a Contact Form with React and AWS Amplify — Brings together a variety of ideas in just 16 minutes.

Marcia Villalba

NPM Clients Aiming to Be Better Than The Original — For all of its pros, npm has several flaws that alternatives have tried to mitigate.

Fernando Doglio

Writing and Organizing Cypress Test Setups with cypress-routinescypress-routines is a tiny Cypress plugin that helps you write and organize test setups.

Max Schmitt

Getting Started with Eleventy (Node-based Static Site Generator) in 11 Minutes
Luciano Mammino

🛠  Code and Tools

Mammoth 1.0: A New TypeScript Postgres Query Builder — Mammoth is a new ‘no-batteries-included’ type-safe Postgres query builder for TypeScript.

Martijn de Haan

Denoify: For NPM Module Authors That Would Like to Support Deno — Takes a TypeScript codebase targeting Node (or the Web) and returns a modified Deno module flavored version. v0.6 came out this week.

Garrone Joseph

http-terminator: Gracefully Terminates a HTTP(S) Serverserver.close() stops a server from accepting new connections but can keep existing connections open indefinitely. http-terminator tracks connections and can ensure graceful shutdowns.

Gajus Kuizinas

Build Code and Ship In App Messaging in a Few Hours

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node-sendmail: Send Mail Directly Without Setting Up an SMTP Relay — This ‘connect directly to the destination SMTP server’ approach has significant deliverability disadvantages but may work for your use case.

Leen Gui

AWS SAM 1.7 Released: Now Supports Running HTTP APIs Locally — SAM is Serverless Application Model and provides a framework for building serverless apps for use on AWS Lambda. You can now test HTTP APIs locally - yay.

Amazon Web Services

NodeBB 1.15.0: Node-Based Forum Software — It’s been around for years and is a stable and mature platform.


Protocore: Specify and Deploy Performant Binary Protocol Structures in Node
Ethan Davis

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