#364 — November 12, 2020

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Node Weekly

Socket.io 3.0 Released: Realtime Bidirectional Communications Framework for Node and Browser — Socket has been around for many years and was once the ‘go to’ system for bidirectional browser/server communications that worked in almost every browser. It still works great and, happily, the question of why you might still use socket.io (plus some alternatives if you don’t) is answered in these release notes.

Socket.IO Project

Node v15.2.0 (Current) ReleasedLast week we made a pretty big deal about Node 15.1.0, but luckily Node 15.2 is a simpler release. You can now use an abort signal to stop an ongoing read or write with fs.writeFile (example) or fs.readFile.

Danielle Adams (Node.js Project)

Vue 3 Is Out! Jump into Vue 3 Quickly in This New Course by Sarah Drasner — Learn fundamental concepts in Vue, such as directives, methods, and computed watchers. You’ll learn Vue’s reactivity system and the new Composition API in Vue 3.

Frontend Masters sponsor

Using GitHub Actions to Securely Publish npm Packages — One approach to using GitHub Actions to publish npm packages from repositories following the typical GitHub developer flow with pull requests, etc.

Liran Tal

npm v7.0.9 Released — Bug fixes via dependency upgrades and start is now the default script when server.js is present.

The npm Blog

📗 Tutorials

3x Smaller AWS Lambda Artifacts by Removing Junk From node_modules — The node_modules folder is notorious for growing to mind boggling sizes (resulting in tools like NPKILL) and reducing artifact size proportionally correlates with cold start latency, says Vlad.

Vlad Holubiev

npm Clients Aiming to Be Better Than The Original — Like anything popular, npm has its pros and cons. These three alternatives try to improve upon npm's cons and offer different approaches to Node developers.

Fernando Doglio

▶  An Introduction to Using Firebase Functions with Node — A practical introduction to Cloud Functions for Firebase, a serverless framework tied to Firebase.

Program With Erik

What’s the Best Way to Protect Your Content from Piracy? Learn Here

Bitmovin Inc. sponsor

Web Scraping That 'Just Works' with OpenFaaS with Puppeteer — Puppeteer provides an easy way to remote control a headless Chrome browser from JavaScript code, including serverless functions built on OpenFaaS, an open serverless platform built on Kubernetes.

OpenFaaS Ltd

▶  My VS Code Setup: Must Have Configurations and Shortcuts
James Q Quick

Using PGP Encryption with Node
Andy Yeung

How to Make curl Request a Site from a Different IP Than in DNS
Peter Cooper

🛠 Code and Tools

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nvm 0.37.0: A Script to Manage Multiple Node Versions — A popular way to manage multiple Node installs on the same machine. On this release the maintainer says: “Includes a major performance enhancement which addresses a slowdown some were seeing on nvm use and shell start.”


Bent: Functional HTTP Client with async/await Support — It’s been 18 months since we last mentioned it, but releases continue to trickle out and it remains a useful way to make HTTP requests quickly and easily from Node.

Mikeal Rogers

Crunchy Bridge: More Postgres Power, Less Administration — Developer friendly, production ready. Crunchy Bridge is the better option for your Postgres hosting.

Crunchy Data sponsor

Sir: A Local Filesystem 'git-Diffable' JSON Database — Principally aimed at Node users needing a simple data store. In a similar local, lightweight vein as Python’s TinyDB, JSDB or the Mongo-inspired minim-json-db.

Cris Stringfellow

n8n.io: Open Source Workflow Automation System — A self-proclaimed “open source alternative for Zapier”. Basically you can connect together various services and APIs in a visual way, perform intermediate steps, etc.


Repo Roster: Shout-Out Supporters in Your GitHub README File — A simple copy-and-paste way to automatically thank users who star your repo by displaying their usernames and avatars directly in your README via the magic of SVG.


ws 7.4: A Fast and Throughly Tested WebSocket Client and Server for Node
Einar Otto Stangvik

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