#​393 — June 17, 2021

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Node Weekly

A Visual Guide to Node.js Streams — Streams aren’t conceptually too difficult to grasp but some visuals fit well and certainly help.

Deepal Jayasekara

Undici 4.0: An HTTP Client, Written from Scratch for Node — The goal of this project has been to replace Node’s core HTTP library with something faster, more scalable, and without the ‘fundamental design issues’ of the core API. v4 introduces redirect support, a faster WASM-powered parser, and a native mocking layer. GitHub repo.

Nagy, Collina, et al.

Redis 6.2 on RedisGreen — SSL encryption, key size tracking, memory mapping, online upgrades, and more.

RedisGreen sponsor

Explicit ESM in Node with .mjs — As you’ve probably gathered from the many links in recent issues, Node is now fully aboard the ES modules train. In this two part series, Tierney Cyren explains explicit ways to determine ES module files from CommonJS files (the .mjs and .cjs extensions) and then an implicit way.

Tierney Cyren

Next.js 11 Released — The popular React framework takes some more steps forward with improved performance, Webpack 5 support, an experimental way to make Create React App apps Next.js compatible, and Next.js Live, a preview of a way to build Next.js apps in the browser, collaboratively, with a team.

Next.js Team


A Beginner's Guide to the File System Module (fs) — Available as a written tutorial or a 20-minute screencast, as you prefer. Covers the basic ground of reading and writing files and working with directories.

Catalin Pit

Creating a Serverless Function to Scrape Web Page MetadataMetascraper is a Node.js package for scraping metadata from live Web pages and this tutorial demonstrates its use via a Vercel hosted function.

Matteo Mazzarolo

Why Tracing Might Replace (Almost) All Logging

Lightstep sponsor

🛠 Code and Tools

NPM Global Audit: A Small Tool to Audit Globally Installed Modules — For when npm audit doesn’t reach quite far enough.

Andrew Brey

Introducing Papr: Type-Safe Node.js Models for MongoDB — Plex is a heavy user of MongoDB and Node.js and when they adopted TypeScript they decided they needed to create a library around the MongoDB driver that could provide strong validation of data as well as type safety through TypeScript types.

Agachi, Vanderhooft and Martin

Merge Anything: Merge Objects and Other Types Recursively — If you’re looking for something that goes a bit deeper than Object.assign(), say.

Luca Ban

Search Your Code. ALL of It, Everywhere — Sourcegraph is the one tool to find & fix things across all your code. Any code host, any repo, any language. Try it now.

Sourcegraph sponsor

gmail-tester: A Simple Node Gmail Client — Poll a Gmail box for a given amount of time and return messages that pop up. The creator uses it in a testing process to see if emails arrive as they should.

Lev Gelfenbuim

depcheck: A Tool to Check for Unused Dependencies — Analyzes the dependencies in a project to see how each dependency is used, which dependencies are useless, and which are missing from package.json.

Djordje Lukic and Junle Li

ws 7.5: A Fast and Throughly Tested WebSocket Client and Server for Node — Some errors now have a code property describing the specific type of error that has occurred.

Einar Otto Stangvik

Canary in the Gold Mine v8.0 — A core tool that you might not be aware of. It lets you pull down any module of your choice and test it using a specific version of Node.js.

Node.js Project

💻 Jobs

Node.js Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers and work on long-term projects for Riot Games, FOX, Sony, Coinbase, and more.

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