#​410 — October 21, 2021

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Node Weekly

Node v17 (Current) Released — Being sixteen flew by in a flash for me at least, but so too has it for Node 16 remaining the cutting edge ‘release’ line. v17 now takes over that role with Node 16 becoming an Active LTS version (as of next week, technically) to be maintained through to 2024. But what’s new in Node 17?

  • Includes OpenSSL 3.0 which reintroduces FIPS support.
  • Uses the V8 9.5 engine which introduces the Intl.DisplayNames v2 API.
  • The readline module now has a way to read data from Readable streams.
  • npm upgraded to v8.1.0.
  • Node v17.0.1 already dropped to fix a bug relating to building native addons.

Bethany Nicolle Griggs and the Node.js Team

📢  Just as we were about to hit send, Gatsby 4.0 was released (in final, rather than beta, form) :-) We'll feature it more in tomorrow's JavaScript Weekly.

Secure Redis Hosting for Your Team — RedisGreen includes all the latest features to help you build, along with the security, scaling and performance that teams need as they grow.

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How to 'Cancel' an HTTP Request — The so-called Abort API allows you to cancel asynchronous tasks such as in-flight HTTP requests and here’s how to use it in the latest Node.js version. Simon has also given a 30 minute talk about AbortController generally if you want to learn more.

Simon Plenderleith

Understanding and Implementing OAuth2 in Node — OAuth2 is everywhere. From “Login With Facebook” buttons to back-end API authentication. But how does it work?

Diogo Souza

▶  How to Build and Sell Your Own Node-Based Web API — Popular JavaScript screencaster Ania Kubów tackles the idea of making a Web-based API using Node and then offering access to it, for a fee, via the RapidAPI marketplace.

Ania Kubów

▶  Finding a Lost Song with Node and Async Iterators — Luciano got a song in his head and wanted to remember what it was. Being a programmer, of course, he didn’t just wait to figure it out but set out to code a solution by way of the Last.fm API.

Luciano Mammino

How to Dockerize an Existing Node App — Sticks very much to a basic, demo example.

Ayooluwa Isaiah

An Engineering Leader’s Guide to OpenTelemetry

Lightstep sponsor

Don't Mix Refactorings with Behavior Changes
Jason Swett

🛠 Code & Tools

Tensei: A Node.js Headless CMS with GraphQL and REST APIs — Data is managed via the Mikro ORM and can reside in a MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres or SQLite database. The getting started docs show how quick it is to spin up a blog system with it.

Kati Frantz-Vallie and Contributors.

Blitz.js: Rails-Like Framework for Monolithic, Full-Stack React Apps — A ‘batteries included’ framework built on Next.js that boasts a ‘zero API’ approach eliminating the need for a REST/GraphQL API for the data layer.

Brandon Bayer and Blitz.js Contributors

Gramma: A Command-Line Grammar Checker — A CLI tool (though there is a JS API) written in Node that uses LanguageTool to provide natural language grammar checking.


Take Domain Management with Node.js to the Next Level 👀 Special Offer

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JavaScript Obfuscator: A Way to Scramble Your JS Code — Transforms your code into a functionally equivalent representation that’s harder to understand or modify. A lot of folks find this sort of fiddling to be of little value given it can be reversed to some extent anyway, but there’s a Web interface if you want to give it a try.

Timofey Kachalov, Tiago Serafim, et al.

vdx: An Intuitive CLI for Processing Video, Powered by FFmpeg — Lets you perform a number of operations including crop, trim, change frame rate, convert format, run concurrent operations, and more.

Yuan Qing Lim

AutoCannon 7.5: A Fast HTTP/1.1 Benchmarking Tool — Inspired by wrk and with support for HTTP pipelining and HTTPS.

Matteo Collina

💻 Jobs

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