#​411 — October 28, 2021

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Node Weekly

Supercharging Node with Rust — As fast as the V8 team have made JavaScript, it’s still a dynamic language at the end of the day, and there are faster options such as Rust, C or C++ if you need absolute max performance or to integrate with certain other systems. Can you integrate Node code with things written in Rust? Yes, and this is a very basic introduction to the concepts involved. In a related Hacker News discussion, the maintainer of the Neon tools used in this article said a 1.0 release is coming very soon.

Dmitry Kudryavtsev

Node v16.13.0 (LTS) Released — While Node 17 came out last week and effectively bumped Node 16 into being a long term ‘LTS’ release, the transition only officially happens with this new v16 release. Node 16 (now codenamed ‘Gallium’) is now an active LTS release until October 2022.

Richard Lau and the Node.js Team

Complete Node.js Learning Path 🚢 — Learn Node.js from foundations up to building APIs and web applications! Get hands-on creating and deploying REST and GraphQL APIs and power your web apps in this complete learning path on Node.js.

Frontend Masters sponsor

How ua-parser-js, an npm Package with 8M+ Weekly Downloads, Was (Briefly) Compromised — UAParser.js is a library for detecting browsers, JS engines, OS, CPU, and other things from User-Agent strings. The problem was quickly fixed by the creator, but briefly it was infiltrated with cryptomining malware. The maintainer and others shared more in this GitHub issue.

The Daily Swig

Next.js 12 Released — The popular Node.js + React development framework takes its biggest step forward yet with an array of improvements including beta support for middleware, React 18 support, native ES module support, a Rust-powered compiler for 5x faster builds, and more.

The Vercel Team

▶  How to Do TypeScript without TypeScript — Static types confer numerous benefits when developing, but is it necessary to use TypeScript fully in order to get many of the benefits? Simone investigates the pros and cons and shows off an alternative approach.

Simone Sanfratello

The Talk That Made Me Finally Understand How the Event Loop Works — The author reflects upon, and links to, a helpful talk from six years ago (! – but it is a good talk.)

Maxim Orlov

Desktop Automation with RobotJS — Kayode has discovered RobotJS, a ‘desktop automation library’ for Node that lets you control the pointer, keyboard, and read things off the screen on Windows, Linux, and macOS. It hasn’t been updated in a while, but Kayode has had some success in getting it to make his computer appear as if it’s in active use.

Kayode Oluwasegun

Running Queries Using InfluxDB’s JavaScript Client Library

InfluxData sponsor

Git Bisect: Travel Through Time and Bugs — Learning git bisect can save tons of time if you don’t know when a bug was introduced to your source code. Binary search, FTW!

Remi Mercier

🛠 Code & Tools

memoize-one 6.0: A Memoization Library with a Simple Approach — A memoization library that takes the curious approach of only remembering the last invocation and arguments, returning the cached value if the next call matches. This saves on complex caching arrangements while speeding up many scenarios.

Alex Reardon

WildBeast: A Full Featured Discord Bot Framework — Self described as a ‘wheels attached’ Discord bot framework, the idea is that WildBeast provides so much out of the box that you mostly need to modify and extend to create a Discord bot that does what you want. GitHub repo.


Commander 8.3: Node Command-Line Interfaces Made Easy — The long standing ‘batteries included’ system for building apps that interface with the command line.

TJ Holowaychuk

Scale PostgreSQL and MySQL Apps Globally in Minutes

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Dust.js 3.0: Asynchronous JS Templating for Browser and Server

reveal-md: Create Reveal.js Presentations from Markdown Files
Lars Kappert

pkg 5.4.0: Package Your Node Project Into an Executable

Mercurius 8.8: Implement GraphQL Servers and Gateways with Fastify
Matteo Collina and contributors

Bull 4.0: A Fast and Stable Redis-Based Queue for Node
Manuel Astudillo

💻 Jobs

Work From Anywhere in the World: Remote Sr. Front-End Engineer — B2B SaaS company seeks engineers who love building interactive data apps, being a part of a global community, and great hot sauce.
Chili Piper

Backend Engineer (Remote, EU Timezones) — We’ve built a product thousands of people love (See Trustpilot if you don’t believe us). We need your help with Node & TypeScript.

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