#​412 — November 4, 2021

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Node Weekly

A Comprehensive Guide to Error Handling in Node — Node offers up more than enough ways for errors to crop up and exceptions to be thrown – this blog post skims through some of the main areas to consider.

Ayooluwa Isaiah (Honeybadger)

TypeScript Delays ESM Support for Node — Version 4.5 of Microsoft’s strongly typed JavaScript has moved to release candidate stage, with new module settings to support Node.js deferred to a future release. The topic is discussed in depth in this GitHub issue.

Paul Krill

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  • Read the source, Luke: Matteo Collina, Node.js TSC member and creator of undici, recommends you "read the source" of whatever you're using or learning about more often.

How To Build an Amazon Product Scraper with Node — I’m not sure Amazon would endorse this approach given they offer APIs for the purpose, but learning how to do this sort of Web scraping is a valuable skill you can transfer to other use cases too.

Robert Sfichi

💬 Discussion: How Do You Audit the Security of Software That Uses NPM Packages? — A Hacker News discussion about ways to keep an eye on the security of external software that depends upon npm packages.

Hacker News

A Deep Dive Into Serverless UI with TypeScriptServerless UI is a command line tool that makes it easier to deploy Node-powered serverless apps to AWS Lambda.

Ikeh Akinyemi

Designing Error Messages and a Logging Strategy in Node.js — If the error item above interested you and you want to go a little bit further, perhaps.

Fernando Doglio

Building an Amazon S3 Object Difference Checker with AWS Lambda — The idea is that a Lambda function can log the differences between versions of an object/file uploaded to S3.

James Beswick

👾  How to Fix 'Unable to Load Node-API Library' with Cypress on macOS — This is a bit of a specific problem, but one that can cause some serious head scratching if you run into it.

Patrick Bacon

Observability Won't Replace Monitoring (Because It Shouldn't)

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How to Handle File Uploads from Node.js to Express — Learn how to upload files by posting multipart/form-data from Node.js to Express with the help of the FormData and Multer libraries.

Ashley Boucher (Twilio)

Consuming Pino Logs with Red Hat OpenShift's Logging System — Separate from OpenShift, Pino is popular, general purpose JSON-oriented logger for Node.

Ash Cripps (Red Hat)

Bundling Your Express App with esbuild
Adam Berg

💻 Jobs

Remote Senior Backend Engineer — Come and help us build the future of work. We're a friendly team working on hard problems. Node, Hapi, Postgres, Elastic, Redis.

Calling all Sr Backend Developers 👾 — Does NodeJS, GraphQL, AWS, TDD, Docker or Terraform tickle your fancy? Join our growing team! Remote/Skien/Oslo – your choice.
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🛠 Code & Tools

Oclif: Heroku's Open CLI Framework for Node — A mature framework for building command line interfaces whether with a few simple flags or lots of subcommands. It comes out of Heroku’s work on its own heavily used CLI tools. GitHub repo.


Prisma 3.4.0 Released: The Popular 'Next Gen' ORM and Toolset — PostgreSQL 14 support is a key feature, plus support for using orderBy with aggregate groups in MongoDB, as well as the usual tweaks and bug fixes.


Build Video for Your Node App That Just Works

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p-map 5.3: Map Over Promises Concurrently — Different from Promise.all() in being able to control the concurrency or decide whether or not to stop iterating when there’s an error.

Sindre Sorhus

PDFKit: A PDF Generation Library for Node and Browser — There’s an interesting live demo that runs right in the browser. GitHub repo.

Devon Govett

node-dev 7.1: Zero-Conf Node Process Restarting — Hooks into require and only reloads when required files are updated.

Felix Gnass

node-dark-mode: Control the macOS Dark Mode
Sindre Sorhus