#​528 — April 16, 2024

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Node.js Weekly

A Trip Report from the Latest Node.js Collaboration Summit — Twice a year, Node's collaborators and community members meet at collaboration summits to share knowledge, discuss problems, and flesh out new ideas. The last one took place in London earlier this month and featured discussion on Node’s HTTP stack, a new node --run feature, ES modules support, package management, and more. A good update!

Joyee Cheung

Profiling Node Performance with Chrome's Performance Panel — Learn how to profile Node.js performance with the Performance panel in Chrome. (Note that the JS Profiler is going away as of Chrome 124, so if you’re still using it, you’ll want to be familiar with the newer approach shown here.)

Chrome for Developers

Optimize Database Performance with Crunchy Bridge — Boost your Postgres performance with Crunchy Bridge! YNAB experienced 30% more IOPS and a 10% cost reduction. Scale seamlessly, stay on vanilla Postgres, and optimize spend. Read more in the YNAB case study.

Crunchy Bridge sponsor

An Introduction to the Node.js Performance API — The perf_hooks module provides a subset of the W3C Web Performance APIs and additional APIs for Node-specific perf measurements. This guide shows how to use several of its features.

Stanley Ulili

Building a CLI from Scratch with TypeScript and oclifoclif is a mature CLI tool development framework maintained by Salesforce. This tutorial goes from zero to something that works.

Josh Cunningham

The April 10 Node.js Security Releases — Another week, another set of security releases, made up of v18.20.2 (LTS), v20.12.2 (LTS), and v21.7.3 (Current). The main issue relates to a command injection vulnerability on Windows.

Rafael Gonzaga


State Machines Simplified — Discover the simplicity and durability of Temporal, your solution to complex state machine challenges. Unlock efficiency now!

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📄 Nine Docker Pro-Tips for Node Developers Liran Tal

📄 How I Reduced Database Load with Bloom Filters in Redis Marco Moauro

📄 How to Capture Node's Garbage Collection Traces Ram Lakshmanan

🛠 Code & Tools

Catena: Build Type-Safe APIs on Express — Inspired by tRPC, but you can layer it on top of an existing Express codebase.

Lightning Technologies GmbH

MikroORM 6.2: Say Hello to SQL Server (and libSQL) — MikroORM is a popular TypeScript-based ORM based on Data Mapper, Unit of Work and Identity Map patterns, and now it supports Microsoft SQL Server, as well as offering better type safety for custom types.

Martin Adámek

📰 Classifieds

Learn from experts how to build a free GenAI chatbot with MongoDB Atlas Vector Search and Node.js. Sign up now!

🗣️"Compared to our previous experiences in the security/auth space, Userfront is an order of magnitude simpler to use."

Madge 7.0: Create Graphs From Your Module Dependencies — A developer tool for generating a visual graph of your module dependencies, finding circular dependencies, and unearthing other useful info.

Patrik Henningsson

Modern Errors 7.0: Handle Errors in a Simple, Stable, Consistent Way — Create error classes, wrap or aggregate errors, or use one of several plugins to do things like print bug reporting info, print stack traces, and more.