#​529 — April 23, 2024

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Node.js Weekly

▶  A Node.js Streams Masterclass — What a treat! Join the creator of Fastify, as well as Node.js TSC member, on an hour long odyssey into the world of streams, a topic in which he specializes. He starts off quite poetically .. a stream is like an array over time .. before quickly getting on to some live coding and demos. This is one in a series of events put on by Platformatic. (75 minutes.)

Matteo Collina

The Perf Gains of Adding a Task Runner to Node.js — Instead of running npm run test, how does node --run test sound? First teased in a 2023 pull request, the motivation for this idea is to improve performance and get scripts running ASAP (think 20ms vs 200ms). It appears set to make it to a Current Node.js release very soon.

Yagiz Nizipli

Fullstack & Backend Learning Path — Expand your abilities with our extensive full stack learning path — teaching you how to set up servers, create APIs, and deploy your code to the world. You'll learn VIM fundamentals, API design in Node.js, containers, DevOps, and much more.

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Learn OAuth 2.0 by Building Your Own OAuth Client — When the author was first learning OAuth, he found lots of concept heavy, code-light tutorials, so he’s built something that’s truly code-first. This is a fantastic way to show off some code (using Annotate) and worth a look even if the topic doesn’t interest you.

Alex Yakubovsky


Building an npm Package Compatible with ESM and CJS in 2024 — Publishing packages compatible with both ECMAScript Modules (ESM) and CommonJS (CJS) is a valuable skill and Liran has a few quick tips.

Liran Tal

RAG to Riches Developer Quest — Interact with AI-enhanced bots and learn to build your own RAG chatbot with Atlas Vector Search and Node.js.

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📄 Things I Learned from Organizing a Hybrid Unconference – The recent Node.js collaboration summit, specifically. Joyee Cheung

📄 How to Deploy Directus to Render.comDirectus is a Node-powered backend API layer backed by your SQL database of choice. Trust Jamin

📺 The Event Loop, Web APIs, and (Micro)task Queue VisualizedLydia Hallie

📄 Containerize Node.js Applications at the Edge on RHEL and FedoraMichael Dawson (Red Hat)

📄 A Short Guide to GitHub's Keyboard ShortcutsSara Verdi

🛠 Code & Tools

pnpm 9.0: The Efficiency-Focused Package Managerpnpm has long been a fantastic option for folks looking to save disk space and CPU cycles (or for its great monorepo support) while maintaining most of what makes npm great. v9.0 drops Node 16 and 17 compatibility, honors the packageManager field in package.json, makes some default config changes, and adopts Lockfile v9.


Hexo 7.2: Node.js-Powered SSG-Style Blog Framework — If you want to create a blog, write GitHub-Flavored Markdown, and have Node put it all together as a static site, this is for you (it’s a bit like Jekyll but using Node). The 7.2 release isn’t a big one feature-wise, but we haven’t covered Hexo for years :-)

Tommy Chen

📰 Classifieds

🪝 Hookdeck: a serverless queue for your event-driven applications. Learn more.

Get a .app, .dev, or .foo domain name for $5 for the first year at Porkbun. Perfect for developers and all tech professionals.

node-pg-migrate 7.0: Database Migration Management for Postgres — Lots of cleanups and refactoring from the project’s new maintainer, Shinigami, also a core maintainer of FakerJS and Vite.

Salsita Software

  • PGlite 0.1.5 – Lightweight Postgres packaged as WASM into a TypeScript library for the browser, Node.js, Bun and Deno.

  • fastest-validator 1.18 – Claims to be the ‘fastest JS validator library’ for Node.

  • Mercurius 14.1 – Implement GraphQL servers and gateways on Fastify.

  • FoalTS 4.3 – Full-featured Node.js HTTP API framework.

  • zx 8.0.2 – Google's tool for better Node shell scripting.

  • thread-stream 2.6 – A streaming way to send data to a worker thread.

  • Slonik 41.0 – Postgres client with type safety.

  • Soap 1.0.1 – A SOAP client and server library.

  • Node-SSH 13.2 – Wrapper around ssh2.