Node Weekly
April 16, 2015  #82
npm Inc
The business behind the npm repository has their first paid mass market offering, a $7/month unlimited private module hosting service.

Uses SystemTap to collect and process backtraces, extracting human-readable names by walking the V8 stack and heap, and uses node-stackvis to generate textual or HTML flamegraphs.

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Daniel Kleveros
One developer’s tale of putting together a setup that could service a large number of concurrent WebSocket connections on EC2.

A variant of Dokku that essentially provides ‘Docker powered mini-Heroku’ style deployment functionality.

Igor Šarčević
Capistrano is commonly thought of a deployment tool for the Ruby ecosystem but it can work just as well for rolling out Node apps too. Here’s a complete tutorial.

Mikeal Rogers
‘In order for the io.js community to evaluate what a merger looks like we need a better way for everyone to understand what could/would change.’


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