Node Weekly
April 23, 2015  #83
The Npm Blog
With over 100,000 npm modules, picking a name that doesn’t clash is tricky, but npm’s new ‘scopes’ feature can help.

Rob Conery
Loads all of your tables, Postgres functions, and local query files up as functions; supports full text search; has full JSONB document support; has a REPL; and more.

Craig Jefferds
Doesn’t support native modules or dynamic requires.

Semaphore   Sponsor
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A complete tutorial tying together the Hacker News API, Node, Firebase and Twilio.

José Padilla
Aimed at people running programming workshops as it includes a full desktop Linux environment, Sublime Text, Chrome, and more.

Aleksander Kasiuk
A look at some issues one developer encountered with threads ‘meddling’ with his Node apps.

Patrick Liess
“If you run a Redis server and currently use Amazon SQS or a similar message queue you might as well use this fast little replacement.”


  • Front-End Engineer at SRC:CLR (SF)
    SRC:CLR is a software security startup in the name of security for open-source code. You will join our front-end team and be a key part of the engineering process building our Angular single-page application. SRC:CLR
  • DevOps Engineer at TES (San Francisco, CA)
    TES USA, based in San Francisco, is built on a microservices architecture using Node.js, MongoDB, Redis, and Docker. They're looking for a DevOps Engineer to help manage and scale their infrastructure. TES USA

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