Node Weekly
April 30, 2015  #84
Vorlon.js helps you remotely load, inspect, test and debug JavaScript code running on any device with a browser. There’s also an article about why MS created it.

io.js Repository
The io.js team are quickly putting together their ideas for what should be rolled into an imminent 2.0 release.

Graham Jenson
The Tessel is a microcontroller that runs JavaScript code and Graham demonstrates using one to create a security camera (note: code is CoffeeScript-based).

SendGrid   Sponsor
Reliably send and deliver email from your application using the SendGrid Node.js library. Visit the Code Workshop to see a working example of sending mail through Sendgrid, and export the code example in minutes. Easily integrate and test sending up to 400 emails per day, for free.


Rod Vagg
ARM is a popular CPU architecture frequently used in mobile products. Rod Vagg explains what ARM is, how it’s evolved, how Node and ARM are becoming a perfect match, and how the io.js project is working with ARM hardware.

Visual Studio Code is a new editor from Microsoft that’s uses technology from GitHub’s Atom editor which itself is based around Node and WebKit. MS have put Node front and center with a Developing Node Applications guide for VS Code users.

The Visual Studio Blog
The Node tools for Visual Studio are now on GitHub but.. the bigger news may be that anyone can now play with Node.js Tools for Visual Studio using a Windows-based VM with everything preinstalled.


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