#242 — June 14, 2018

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Node Weekly

June 2018 Security Releases Available — Updates are now available for all active Node.js release lines. Node 8.x and up are vulnerable to http2-related DoS attacks, 9.x is vulnerable to a DoS attack via TLS, and more. Individual version release pages here: 10.4.1, 9.11.2, 8.11.3, and 6.14.3.

Node.js Foundation

Keeping Node Fast: Techniques and Tips For High-Perf Servers — One of Node’s most common use cases is for running APIs and other Web services as HTTP(S) servers and this roundup on Smashing Magazine looks at the ways you can analyze and optimize the performance of such programs.

David Mark Clements

💻 New Course: A Practical Guide to Algorithms with JavaScript — Bored by the academic approach of most data structures and algorithms courses? This is for you. Solve algorithms and analyze space and time complexity in both an interview setting and in your day-to-day development.

Frontend Masters sponsor

Puppeteer 1.5 Released: Control Headless Chrome from Node — As well as a new homepage, Browser Contexts can be used to isolate the cookies and other data usually shared between pages, and you can now interact with Web Workers.

Google Chrome Team

Google App Engine Now Supports Node 8 — You can now get your Node apps deployed onto Google’s platform well known for quick deploys, automatic scaling, and hands-off ops.

Steren Giannini

How Concurrent Marking in V8 Frees Up Your Main Thread — ‘Marking’ is a key step in the V8 engine’s garbage collection process and as of Node 10 this process takes place on separate worker threads meaning there’s now more time for your code to run.

Mathias Bynens

Live Stock Price Notifications with MongoDB Change Streams — A Mongoose-based example of using MongoDB’s new pub/sub-esque ‘change streams’ feature which can trigger an event in your code when a condition occurs.

The Code Barbarian

From Node.js to Go: There, and Back Again — The creators of wolkenkit were drawn to Go for the ability to create small, static binaries but the headache of managing dependencies brought them back to Node.

Golo Roden and Matthias Wagler

Staying Up-to-Date as a Developer with a Daily Learning Routine

Trevor D. Miller

💻 Jobs

Node.js Developer at X-Team (Remote) — We help our developers keep learning and growing every day. Unleash your potential. Work from anywhere. Join X-Team.


Interested In Hearing About Jobs At Companies That Use Node? — Try Underdog.io, where hundreds of the best NY and SF tech companies go to meet engineers. Companies email you directly as soon as next Monday.


📘 Tutorials

Offline-First with Node and Hoodie: A Practical Introduction to Progressive Web Apps — Building a shopping tracker PWA to introduce working with Service Workers, the Cache API, and Hoodie.

Peter Mbanugo

How I Automated My Job with Node.js — Node isn’t just great for building webapps, but you can also automate dull, repetitive work.

Shaun Michael Stone

How-To: Achieve Observability in Modern Applications 🔭

ROLLBAR sponsor

Building REST Services with the Serverless Framework, in Node.js, using AWS Lambda and DynamoDB

David Herron

An Introduction to Sails.js — Sails.js is a long-standing Rails-inspired MVC framework for Node webapps.

Ahmed Bouchefra

How to Deploy a Node App to AWS Lambda using Serverless — Entry level but that might be what you need right now :-)

Adnan Rahić

🔧 Code and Tools

Licensed: A CLI for Adding a LICENSE File to Your Projects

Mihir Chaturvedi

See Why Facebook, Spotify, & fastlane Trust CircleCI with Their CI/CD — The shortest distance from idea to execution. Automate your development process quickly, safely, and at scale.

CircleCI sponsor

Polly.js: Record, Replay, and Stub HTTP Interactions

Netflix, Inc.

collect.js: 91 Convenience Methods for Arrays and Objects — A similar API to Laravel Collections: chunk, flatten, shuffle, firstWhere, etc.

Daniel Eckermann

rest: A REST API Generator for Node.js and MongoDB — A tool to quickly create MongoDB-powered REST APIs.

Diego Haz

A Node.js Client for GridDB — It never hurts to gain access to a new database and now you can use GridDB, an in-memory IoT-focused NoSQL database (Repo).


node-oracledb 2.3: Now with Continuous Query Notifications — And.. if you have to use Oracle, this is the way to go. It now supports registering callbacks that can be triggered by database changes.

Christopher Jones (Oracle)